Outdoor Living Products on the Rise

Home owners nowadays discover that they can turn their gardens into extended living rooms. They invest increasingly into goods that enable them to be more comfortable in their own green spaces be it together with their family or with friends. The green industry is aware of this trend and companies that usually only sold irrigation and landscape supplies (for example Hydro-Scape) expand their range with outdoor living products to upsell current customers and to attract new ones. 

Outdoor Kitchens and BBQs

There are many easy to install products that help creating a comfortable and pleasant living space in the garden. Kitchen islands are available complete with sink and refrigerator and with a choice of grills with gas, coal or even a wood-burning brick oven that offers much more possibilities than a standard BBQ. A large variety of different grills can be seen at spoga+gafa 2013, where companies like Weber Stephen and RH Peterson and many others will present their latest models. The price range goes from relatively low-cost to whatever the customer wants to spend. Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are becoming equally popular.

Landscape Lighting 

It has never been easier to install path lighting, accent lights, and different background lights in the garden. Latest developments in lamp technology bring a lot of innovative ideas into the garden. Creating moody atmospheres with different colours is nowadays possible without having to rearrange the whole garden and without high costs. Easily to apply LED light systems save a lot of energy.

Water Features 

Other important elements for a fulfilling outdoor living experience are different water features. Garden ponds and waterfalls occur increasingly in modern gardens. Landscapers like to install them because they are not only attractive but also highly profitable. Even mist systems can be used in backyards and condos to chill people down in the summer, for dust control or simply for cool special effects.

Further Information: greenindustrypros.com

OASE Presents Eco-Label

OASE, a German supplier for watergarden products, introduced an eco-label for their energy saving products: The OASE Eco-Leaf. According to the company, this label underlines the outstanding energy balance of their products.

The label is supposed to be a unique selling point and a strong sales pitch. Due to increasing energy costs customers ask for goods saving energy, with the new label OASE tries to satisfy this demand.

One example of an eco-labeled product is the OASE AquaMax Eco Premium filter and watercourse pump. According to OASE,  consumers could save up to 2.188 Euro of energy costs within five years by using this pump. This would mean savings of up to 20 per cent compared to the previous model.

 Further Information: oase-livingwater.com

New Products to Protect Garden Ponds from Predators

Koi fish from Japan are becoming increasingly popular in home garden ponds. While such things like building an appropriate living environment and keeping the ideal water temperature are important, many buyers of ornamental fish often forget that there are predators like herons and cats who may harm their animals. Especially herons have very good eyes and can spot the colourful and precious Koi carps easily with fatal consequences.

There are several products which promise to repel the unwanted beastly visitors. Classic repellants are replicas of herons, plastic figures to be placed at the bank of the pond. Herons hunt alone and are disturbed by fellow birds. Outside Living Industries are one of the companies which produce such sculptures under the brand name Ubbink. In Germany they can be found under the name “Reiherschreck”.

The British company Netfloat specialises in netlike mats made from hard plastic to be put over the water surface. The mats are supposed to float rather invisible on the water. With these mats birds and cats cannot get their prey.

There are several other methods of keeping predators away from the fish. The ScareCrow is one example of repelling animals with water. This product is made by the Canadian company Contech Inc. specialised in products for the protection of pets and plants. The ScareCrow is a sprinkler activated by motion controls. If something gets close to the pond a strong water stream shoots over the water surface. This should be especially annoying for cats.  Several ScarCrows can shoot at once – useful for larger ponds.

A new form of repellant is now being presented by the company Velda from the Netherlands. The Heron Stop Reflector is a ball-shaped device that has a reflecting surface and a large eye on it. It can be put on the water surface. Velda claims that the flashing sight of the reflecting eye scares herons and pigeons away. A similar product from the same company is the Heron Stop Spinner. This product looks like an eye as well but it is flat. It is connected to a string and can be hung over the water on the edge of the pool. Both products are announced for this spring.

Further information:  velda.com