Emsa: Turboline and Clou Receive the “Red Dot Award: Product Design 2013”

Emsa managed to win two “Red Dot Awards” for innovative design. The winners are: the Turboline salad spinner with turbo button and the Clou window box bracket working without any screws. Both products scored high with the top-notch jury with their outstanding designs as well as their exceptional functionality and quality.

The Turboline is the very first salad spinner with the unique turbo button. If it is pressed while spinning, it works clearly more efficiently than conventional spinners. A fifty percent higher rotational speed is achieved – and the salad is ready to be served even quicker.

Clou, the latest window box bracket, needs no screws at all. Its flexible belt fastener can be easily mounted to railings with diameters of up to eight centimetres – round or rectangular. The bracket can be adjusted to accommodate window boxes of various dimensions and is suitable for all conventional window boxes up to one meter in length. The fibre-glass reinforced plastic takes care that the allrounder is absolutely safe and durable.

Emsa is exhibitor at the spoga+gafa from September 8th until 10th 2013. You are invited to see the two winning products on display.

Further Information: www.emsa.de

England’s Supermarkets Add Gardening Products to Their Assortment

Large English supermarket chains are stocking up on live plants, flower pots, seeds and gardening tools. Morrisons recently opened over one hundred small garden centres outside their supermarkets, Waitrose contracted the renowned garden reporter Alan Titchmarsh to promote their gardening products and Next is going to open twenty “Home & Garden” stores in which they tell to sell “literally everything for gardening”.

The latest Garden Products Distribution Market Report published by industry analysts AMA Research in March forecasts that sales of gardening products will grow 15 per cent by 2016. The supermarkets see their chances and  expand into this market.

Owners of garden centres are not happy with this development. They fear a decline in the value of gardening products. Iain Wylie, CEO of the Garden Centre Association told the Daily Telegraph: “Supermarkets can’t stock the depth or have the knowledgeable people garden centers have. […] Quality suffers and there are more imports. Conversely it gives garden centres a greater opportunity to sell more varieties and demystify growing.”

Further Information: telegraph.co.uk

Hardware Store Industry in Germany, Switzerland and Austria – Stable Development

Hardware- and building supplies’ stores in Germany, Switzerland and Austria look back on a positive year 2012. Germany registered a slight sales drop while the markets in Austria and Switzerland increased slightly.

Hardware stores in Germany made a turnover of 18.6 billion Euros which is 0.6 per cent less than in 2011. BHB speaker Erich Huwer commented: “This means that the sales figures are still at a good level and nearly stable.” The BHB declared that considering the European debt crisis and the bad weather conditions in 2012 these numbers are satisfactory.

The Hardware store industry in Austria made a combined turnover of 2.2 billion Euros which means a sales growth of 1.7 per cent compared to last year. For comparison: The total retail industry of Austria had a sales growth of 1.1 per cent in 2012.

Switzerland shows a positive development as well. While 2011 was more of a difficult year for the industry, the combined turnover in 2012 was 1.85 billion Euros, which is a growth of 4.6 per cent compared to last year.

Further Information: bhb.org


Telegraph Chooses Best Hedge Shears in UK

From time to time every hedge needs a trimming. But what are the best shears to use for cutting thick wooden branches or for skillful topiary gardening? The gardening department of the Daily Telegraph wanted to find out which tools are the most effective for cutting the green and tested several hedge trimmers from different developers.

There were two winners in the all-rounder category: The new ARS KR-1000 from Sorbus with its angled precision blades, rubber bumpers to reduce stress and replaceable blades and the Fiskars PowerGear hedge shear, which was also voted best lightweight shear. Another Fiskars model was among the finalists: the Quantum has light and strong aluminum handles with cork inlay for grip and comfort, ideal for light trimmings.

When it comes to topiary cutting the Jakoti hand shears convinced the testers. The one handed trimmer is described as extremely sharp and very accurate and easy to use.

Spear & Jackson is represented with two hedge shears as well: The 4868SS/09 hand shears have chunky and wide wooden handles which help cutting thicker materials. According to the Telegraph they are best suited for native country hedges while the 8175RS model is better for a formal evergreen hedge.

The RHS-endorsed topiary hedge shears from Burgon & Ball were voted best in the budget category. They are super lightweight, have comfy handles and for the price of 29.95 GBP they offer good quality for money according to the testers.

Further Information: Telegraph.co.uk

3 questions to: Stephanie Mangold-Gencel

Troas is a producer and exporter of natural stones from Turkey. Their product range includes ornamental stones, erratic boulders and granite setts. The stones are being shipped all over the world. The ornamental stones are being used mostly for exterior decoration, but can also be used for interiors. Stephanie Mangold-Gencel is working in distribution since 2006.

Troas offers a wide range of natural stones. Where do you get the stones from?
The stones are broken down in Turkish stone pits. Then they are tumbled in a barrel where they get their round form. Depending on the type of stone this process can take four to twenty hours.

Who are your customers?
We ship to any company which will buy a whole container – around 25 tons. Right now we are selling to 45 countries all over the world. Our customers are mostly natural stone dealers but also hardware stores and landscape gardeners.

How many different kinds of stone do you sell?
We have an assortment of 41 different types of pebbles and broken down ornamental stones. There are all kinds of colors available, from white to grey, green and red tones and also black.

Further information: troas.com.tr