bio-guss by GartenLeben: A Tea for Garden Plants

bio-guss is a new kind of organic fertilizer. It is a composition of compost, organic herbal additives, natural microorganisms and precious plant nutrients.

According to GartenLeben, the Austrian producer, it is highly effective in fertilizing and strengthening the plants as well as for activation of the soil. The bag with the herbal mixture is put into the watering can for several hours until the water is enriched. The inventors claim that the compost-tea bio-guss is an energy-boost that revitalizes the soil, brings beneficial and soil activating microorganisms back, establishes a protective layer coating the roots and results in long living, vigorous and strengthened plants.

There are four different variations of the product: bio-orchideenguss (for orchids), bio-blütenguss (for flowering plants), bio-rosenguss (for roses) and bio-grünguss (for foliage plants).

For fertilization it is advised to put one bag of bio-guss every one to two weeks in two litres of water, for strengthening and activation of the soil it is advised to use one bag in ten litres of water.

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Peak Retail: Benefits for Stationary Retailers

More and more customers search the web with their computers, smartphones and tablets before making their decision to buy products or services. For stationary retail this behavior can result in people coming into the stores only to examine the products and buying them online later from cheap discounters.

In order to counter this development, stationary retail has to offer services that can compete with the advantages the internet has to offer. Peak Retail offers a solution for retail stores like hardware or garden centres. They developed a range of tablets and touch panels that engage customers and support them in the purchase process. With the in-store devices the customers can scan products and learn about their properties and applications – on their own or together with a shop assistant.

In addition to the information the customer gains about the products he also learns about latest offers and provisions. On the other hand the retailers gain insights about the customers’ shopping profiles, preferences and behaviours, and get feedback for optimizing their product ranges and services.

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Romberg Powerplaant – All You Need for Plant Propagation

With the new brand Powerplaant the German company Romberg presented an assortment of products for the ambitious and technical enthusiastic amateur gardener at spoga+gafa 2013.

The propagator models differ in size and equipment depending on what kind of plants you want to grow and what space you have available. They all have a transparent cover with ventilation slides that ensure simple climate control.

Two of the Powerplaant models are equipped with illumination units, the smaller one, Lumio, with 12 watt and the larger one, Lucio, with 24 watt. The models Gian and Nando include a PVC covered and acid-resistant heating mat and the propagator set Maximus complete has 2 x 24 watt lighting, a heating mat and as extras a thermostat and an integrated digital automatic timer.

For the seedlings and cuttings there are special pellets available that are peat-free and made of coir substrate with a special nutrient mixture.

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The Garden Centre Group Takes Over The Garden Leisure Group

The Garden Centre Group just announced that they took over the Garden & Leisure Group from Louis Delhaize, owner of Truffaut, the largest garden centre chain in France.

The takeover includes seven sites at very good locations. The Garden Centre Group now owns 139 stores altogether and strengthened its leading position on the garden centre market. Kevin Bradshaw, Chief Executive of The Garden Centre Group said about the acquisition: “Adding these unique, destination stores to our group represents a major milestone in our ambitious growth plans and the seven centres, in strong catchment areas, complement our existing estate well.” The locations at Barnett Hill, Endsleigh, Cadbury, Huntingdon, Gardenlands, Melbicks and Percy Thrower’s will be made into flagship stores.

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NTS® Twist-Free Technology: Patented Hoses Made by FITT

During use standard braided hoses tangle and twist, making watering difficult and even irritating. A hose difficult to be used because of tangles’ formation and irregular water flow, discourages even the most passionate gardener.

FITT, Italian Company leader in the watering market, offers a solution: the patented twist-free NTS hose. The NTS technology guarantees garden hoses’ easiness of use, preventing knots formation and abnormal behaviors.

The heart of the NTS patent consists in the exclusive helicoidal stitch reinforcing the hose that is able to absorb the torsion forces generated by water pressure and eliminate them. Thanks to this innovative technology, the hose is docile, following the user’s movements and becoming easy to roll and unroll on the hose-reel, without any fold.

NTS technology hoses are offered in a wide range of colors and models to answer to different needs of consumers and markets. In the kit version, the NTS hoses are equipped with the new soft-touch fittings for an ergonomic grip with lance, fittings and tap adaptor.

Fitt is exhibitor at spoga+gafa 2013 from September 8th to 10th. You can find them in hall 6.01.

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