Fleuroselect Declares 2015 as Year of the Sunflower

The international organization for the ornamental plants industry, Fleuroselect, is calling 2015 the “year of the sunflower”.

This marketing campaign is geared towards home gardeners and is supposed to promote the use of sun flowers in private gardens. Fleuroselect is hoping to increase the sales of seeds and plants for producers, suppliers and retailers. The sunflower campaign will be promoted in all major European countries during the main selling period in 2015.

Campaign supporters have the possibility to use a range of marketing materials: A “Year of the sunflower” logo, available in English, German, Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish can be used as stickers for seed packaging or plant labels. Fleuroselect also provides a library with sunflower images, an instructional “how to” video for planting sunflowers, website banners, press releases and a range of point of sale materials for retailers.

Further information: fleuroselect.com

Wall Planters by Kim Fisher Designs – Decorative Gifts for In- and Outdoors

Stylish plant holders for a minimalistic look.

These elegant plant holders can be put up as easily as a framed picture. They are 22 inch in diameter and specially made for succulents and air plants. These kinds of plants are known for being very easy to care for because their natural habitat is harsh and dry, so they are quite strong and don’t need much water.

The Wall Planters are handmade with aluminum and plastic and can be filled with rocks, moss and plants, which can be arranged individually. This makes them a very personal present, an alternative to the classic bouquet of flowers.

They are not only suitable for homes but also for shops, offices or for outside patios.

Further Information: www.kimfisherdesigns.com

Heather International – Azerca Show at spoga+gafa 2014

Azerca is inviting interested visitors to a heather flower show together with Landgard at the spoga+gafa 2014 on Sunday, August 31st. Full of passion for heather (Erica), the master florists Annette Gottmann from Italy, Claudia Bøje Hansen from Denmark and Isabel Joeden from Germany will present this flower as a basic material for their respective markets.

Visitors of the trade fair will have the chance to be inspired by the different approaches and decide how much Italian heather-style fits into a Portugese or British garden centre and if the chilly north is able to surprise the customers with warm and original ideas.

Events at the International Heather Show:

10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. Heather Wreaths International
Three florist masters from Italy, Denmark and Germany make heather wreaths and explain how heather is handled in their countries.

11:15 a.m.-12:125 a.m. Mediterranean Heather
German florist master Annette Gottmann, living in Italy for 20 years, L’Officina delle Piante, Cortina d’Ampezzo.

2:00 p.m.-2:45 p.m. Scandinavian Heather
Danish florist master Claudia Bøje Hansen, Gamst & Gamst, Kolding

2:45 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. German Heather
German florist master Isabel Joeden, garden centre “Gartenglück”, Viersen

More Information: azerca.de and spoga+gafa

Soendgen Ceramics: Orchid Vase and Stake With Swarovski Elements

Orchids are among the most fascinating plants we know. The beauty and elegance of these flowers is now given an attractive setting by Soendgen Ceramics with the new orchid vase “Hollywood”.

Equipped with the FlowerSafe ridge (which prevents waterlogging) the orchid vase series “Hollywood” is perfectly adapted to the needs of orchids. It is 15 cm high, has a diameter of 13 cm and provides the more common orchid planting pots with a brilliant home.

For their development and to display their blossoms, orchids require an orchid stake, which helps the delicate stems to carry the blossoms. Soendgen Ceramics now offers a climbing support, whose form merges with the plant and provides a stable support across its length of 55 cm. The dynamically curved, transparent orchid stake makes several slight turns and is ornamented with sparkling Swarovski elements. In the identical colors crystal-bramble, crystal-green and crystal-clear the orchid stakes complement the “Hollywood” vase.  The orchid stakes are offered as a set made up of one stake and two blossom tendrils “Twist”.

For support at the POS, Soendgen Ceramics provides an attractive promotional packaging to present the set of 3 consisting of a stake and two blossom tendrils “Twist”.

Further Information:  soendgen.de

Airplantman Takes the Plants Out of the Soil

Airplants can live without soil. The spiky and colourful Tillandsia plants grow naturally on other plants like trees or on stones, sometimes even on telephone wires. Their independence from the earth makes them very fascinating organisms. The Californian landscape architect, artist and horticulturalist Josh Rosen was captured by the airplants and founded Airplantman. Rosens goal is to create displays for these extraordinary plants that are healthy for them and simple to use. All of his designs are hand-crafted and made in California.


The AirplantFrame is a lightweight powder coated aluminum frame, where Tillandsia plants can grow and thrive. The material is rust-proof and the plants are held by strung stainless steel cables. It can be hung anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Right now it is available in the colours Matte White, Matte Black, Matte Grey and Gloss Orange. To care for the plants you can spray them from time to time and submerge them in water once a week for a few hours.


The AirplantVessels gracefully suspend sculptural airplants above powder coated steel or hand-finished wood vessels. These floating displays are suited for tabletop, desk or windowsill. They come in three sizes and can be put on display alone or in a group.

Further Information: airplantman.com