Nomlilo: Turning Cold Outdoor Spots Into Snug Spaces With Chimeneas

A chilly night can be the end of an enjoyable garden party. Unless you are equipped with a chimenea or a fireplace.

Chimineas are freestanding front-loading fireplaces with a vertical chimney. Originally, this design comes from Spain and it became very popular in South American countries. Recently, people all over the world are starting to see the advantages of a fireplace in the garden that can also be used as a grill. Especially in European countries where cold nights are frequent, chimeneas are growing in popularity.

Nomlilo is one brand of the Blender Group from Poland, a producer of decorative articles for garden and home. In the last 15 years they have focused on unique forms and high finishing through production processes with European standards. They have specialized in chimeneas, outdoor fireplaces and decorative items like candleholders for the garden.

The Nomlilo chimeneas are available in several different shapes, from classic forms to unusual and artistic designs. Some of them are standalone pieces for lighting and warming up the surroundings and some models have an integrated grill. All of them are made of durable steel and are powder coated, making them resistant to heat of up to 650°C.

Nomlilo will be exhibiting their latest products at the spoga+gafa garden trade fair in Cologne from the 04th to 06th September 2016.

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