Green Islands in the City: 25 Ideas for Urban Gardens

Kamel Louafi is a German-Algerian landscape architect. He gained international fame by designing and implementing the garden areas for the world fair EXPO 2000 in Hannover, Germany. Other works of him are gardens in Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Saudi-Arabia as well as the redesign of the Königsplatz in Kassel and the Opernplatz in Hannover. Louafi published several books about landscape architecture and landscape art.

Louafis latest book is called “Green Islands in the City”: 25 landscape architects as well as an architect outline their ideal vision of an urban garden. The approaches show the motivation and engagement of the experts who are specialists in the fields of urbanization and planning of green spaces. The visions and ideas for the development of enjoyable green cities presented here are plentiful and diverse, but all driven by common goals. The text passages in “Green Islands in the City” are in German, English, French and Arab languages. The book can be ordered ov

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German and European Garden Book Awards at Castle Dennenlohe

For the eighth time the German Garden Book Awards were presented at Castle Dennenlohe in Franconia. One hundred candidates from twenty-nine publishing houses sent in their gardening books, eight of them became finalists in different categories. The ceremony was sponsored by Stihl. Beside this national competition several European publications were honored as well.

A special jury, headed by the host Robert Freiherr von Süsskind, awarded the best European books on gardening with the European Garden Book Prize. The winners were “Historische Parks und Gärten in Österreich” (Historical Gardens and Parks in Austria) by Christian Hlavac, Astrid Göttche and Eva Berger (ed.), published by Böhlau, “Les plus beaux jardins graminées” (The most beautiful Grass Gardens) published by Eugen Ulmer and “Le carnet jardinière” (The Gardening Notebook) published by Kosmos.

In cooperation with Philip Smith, the initiator of the renowned International Garden Photographer of the Year Award, the European Garden Photo Award had its premiere this year. The jury chose three pictures that will be exhibited around the world: Gary Rogers: “Spring in the Box Garden”, Josette Taylor: “Tulip Dance” and Sergey Karepanov: “Bella Vista”. The pictures can be seen here.

„The choice wasn’t easy this year,” Robert Freiherr von Süsskind stated after the ceremonies. “There were many excellent titles in the competition. But this shows that there are many outstanding publications in the garden sector, and that they are getting the right appreciation through these awards.”

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Roof Terrace Gardening

Roof terraces and balconies are oases in an urban landscape. As a viewing platform, a theatrical setting or a place of retreat, the roof garden fulfils many needs in the city.

The new book ‘Roof Terrace Gardening’ by Michele Osborne celebrates the elevated garden, showing there is little to beat the rooftop for experiencing an sense of space and light, and enjoying the view. Illustrated with over 300 photographs of sky-high locations, from England to New York to New Zealand, the book offers a range of styles, and themes: formal and informal designs, spaces for entertaining, modern showcases and contemplative spaces. With advice on boundaries, surfaces, decoration, lighting and planting, this book shows how to transform a rooftop space.

Chelsea Flower Show – A Centenary Celebration

The Chelsea Flower Show is an annual and world famous horticultural and social event in London. In May 2013 the Chelsea Show celebrates its hundredth birthday. A book ‘RHS Chelsea Flower Show’ by Brent Elliott will be the essential centenary souvenir and a must have for people interested in this event.

The book explores how the show evolved, how it became part of the social calendar and how it reflected and shaped tastes in garden design and planting over the years. Outstanding personalities will be highlighted as well as outstanding gardens. Sprinkled through the book, short pieces by significant nurserymen and nurserywomen, visitors, designers and organisers describe what Chelsea means to them.

‘RHS Chelsea Flower Show’ will be arranged chronologically, with chapters on the early shows, shows between the wars and decade by decade to the present day. Illustrations will largely be drawn from the extensive Royal Horticultural Society archive and will include photographs in colour and black and white, plans, posters and other ephemera. Many will be published here for the first time. The book will be available from April 2013.

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Garden on Top: Unique Ideas for Roof Gardens

Roof gardens represent the “highest level” of garden design. They are lifestyle oases – classic, modern, rural or romantic – that show nature and architecture close to the sky in perfect harmony.

In the new book “Garden on top”, famous architects and garden designers present exclusive roof garden ideas with contemporary materials, convincing plants, trendy furniture and modern light installations, from all five continents. Architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s statement that “anything that is horizontal under the open sky belongs to nature. Roads and roofs should be tree-covered…” is put into practice in a contemporary way. The author, Barbara P. Meister, is an experienced garden and landscape designer, qualified teacher and communications manager.