Summer, sun, barbecue time

Photo: Weber

The summer is here and with it the peak barbecue season. For many Germans, barbecues are in the meantime more than just preparing food – different philosophies come together at the barbecue. For some it is simply the desire to sizzle things in the open air, for others it is a passion or even a sport. We have put several facts and figures together about barbecuing for once.

In the garden with: Ferdinand Graf von Luckner (photographer)

Ferdinand Graf von Luckner – Photo:
Ferdinand Graf von Luckner – Photo:

Ferdinand Graf von Luckner studied Photography and Film Design in Dortmund and graduated with a degree in Photo Design. He has been working for various European magazines and book publishers as a freelancer for many years. His focus lies on interior design and the garden. He was responsible for the photography of many books e.g. „Die Traumgärten Neuseelands entdecken (Discover the dream gardens of New Zealand)”, „Die geheimen Gärten von Wien (The secret gardens of Vienna)“ and „Der Garten von Hermann Hesse (The garden of Hermann Hesse)”.

Trial Garden Weihenstephan

The Weihenstephan Trial Garden near Munich, Germany, was founded by Richard Hansen in 1947. Since that time it has inspired gardening experts and plant enthusiasts from all over the world.

Each year between 7,000 and 10,000 visitors are expertly lead through the garden on more than 200 guided tours. Attracting around 100,000 visitors every year, the Weihenstephan Garden is an attractive tourist destination for visitors in the region but also from abroad. The Trial Garden practically supports the studies at the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences and promotes research and analysis of ornamental outdoor plants.

By means of his new book Prof. Bernd Hertle, director of the garden, shows the reader round the impressive Weihenstephan Trial Garden. The book is bilingual – German/English – and illustrated by the photography of Christa Brand. The planting of the Weihenstephan Trial Garden is based on ecological aspects and aesthetics. It is an invitation and motivation to learn about the varieties and application of shrubs, perennials and annuals or simply enjoy the beauty of the garden.


European Garden Books Awarded at Castle Dennenlohe

For the fourth time the “European Garden Book Award” was given out at Castle Dennenlohe in Germany.

Every year the best European books about gardens and gardening are chosen by an expert jury and presented to the public at the “European Garden Book Award” at Castle Dennenlohe. These are the winners:

The first place went to The Gardens of England: Treasures of the National Gardens Scheme by George Plumtre, published in England by Merrell Publishers and in Germany by the Callwey Verlag under the name Englands Gartenschätze. This book presents 50 of the most stunning gardens that are part of the National Garden Scheme. This initiative was founded in 1927 and has since then collected lots of donations for several good causes. The choice of gardens in this book is a mixture of well known sites and hidden gems.

The second place went to Planting: A New Perspective by Noel Kingsbury and Piet Oudolf, published in England by Timber Press and in Germany by Eugen Ulmer Verlag under the name Design trifft Natur

The third place went to the Russian book 100 растений для вашего сада by Tatjana Koisman and Sergey Karepanov. The title translates to “100 Plants for your Garden”.

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