Groovebox: Flat, Simple and Versatile Outdoor Living Design

Groovebox is the first flat-pack, multi-use product designed for urban outdoor living. The design features a unique assembly system that is simple, tool-free and durable.

“Living spaces are getting smaller and people want to do more with less.” That is what Groovebox Designer and Founder Eric Green has learned by studying urban spaces and speaking with the people that live in these environments. Outdoor living spaces are especially impacted by this shift.

“I have a passion for urban outdoor living and I wanted to use design as a tool to do more with less,” states Green. Groovebox Living and its first product range are a response to the needs of the modern day lifestyle; it is a response to not only the way we live but also in the way we consume and manufacture goods.

Groovebox provides a solution for outdoor living in the modern day: a complete set where one can grow, cook, relax and entertain. The product simply slides together to make a box that offers a variety of uses including fire features, barbecues, outdoor furniture, planters and more.

The Groovebox assembly process is quick and easy while providing structure and durability. No screws, no fasteners, no long, confusing instructional manual and no cheap, little parts that will be lost or broken.

Basic Assembly-Groovebox Living from Groovebox Living on Vimeo.

At Groovebox, design is also used as a tool to manufacture a quality product that is affordable, long-lasting and sustainable. The simple, flat-pack concept and multiple uses allow for a product that can do more with less. The concept reduces both waste and carbon in manufacturing, distribution and end use by the customer.

Whether it is the fresh air or socializing with friends, being outside is enjoyable and Groovebox wants to enhance the experience.

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Grill Control with Flip ’N Grate

The Flip ’N Grate is designed to provide control when cooking on the BBQ by allowing the user to easily flip the food and change the height.

This simple but clever grilling equipment might be something many hobby cooks have been waiting for a long time. Especially lovers of fish and other seafood have a hard time with the classic BBQ grill because it is tough to turn over the delicate substance with tongs or forks without tearing it apart.

The Flip ’N Grate makes it easy to flip fish, meat and vegetables in one movement. There is no need to desperately handle soft foods anymore as the whole grate is being turned over. The height of the grill can also be adjusted anytime allowing flexible temperature control.

The Flip ’N Grate works as an insert with kettle BBQs in the sizes 47 cm and 57 cm. But it can also be used on its own for example while hiking, camping or on the beach.

The Flip ’N Grate has been launched at the spoga+gafa 2015 in Cologne.

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Tonglite: Light Up Your BBQ

The Tonglite tongs are a solution for everybody who doesn’t want to stop grilling when the sun goes down.

Everybody who has tried to work a grill after sun down knows the problem: Although there is fire in the kettle it is almost impossible to see when the meat is ready and done. It doesn’t matter if it is at a late BBQ party in the garden or while camping in nature, after a certain hour in the evening you need some sort of light above the BBQ, which can be difficult to set up and may disturb the mood.

The Tonglite features practical stainless steel barbecue tongs with a removable LED flashlight to illuminate the grill. The ergonomically shaped handle makes handling comfortable and the long arms make sure that the cook’s hands are safely distant from the heat. The stable, ideally shaped tongs with their special spring mechanism require very little force and are suitable for gripping of grilled items of any size. A built-in locking clip locks the tongs when not in use, saving space for storage. The tongs can be cleaned in the dishwasher (after the flashlight is removed).

The built-in LED flashlight with a warm white light is turned on by pushing the tail cap switch. It can be taken out and used in daily use as well, independently of the tongs.

The Tonglite has been one of the many BBQ highlights of the garden trade fair spoga+gafa 2015.

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Grillson: The First BBQ with Wireless Meat Sensors

The barbecue manufacturer Grillson from Hannover in Germany presents its new meat thermometer sensors and the Bob Grillson Premium at the spoga+gafa 2015 in Cologne.

The best results in barbecuing are achieved when the meat temperature is controlled in a reliable way. But there are some problems with meat thermometers: broken or knotted cables, burned fingers when removing it and messy sensors. Grillson promises that with the Bob Grillson Premium BBQ, these issues are a thing of the past. The included sensor transmits the core temperature of the meat wireless to a smartphone. With the help of an app, the temperature can be adjusted and an alarm notices the cook when the food is ready.

The Bob Grillson Premium is a wood pellet grill with a wide temperature range. Going from 80°-500° Celsius, it works as BBQ, smoker and pizza oven. All relevant functions can be monitored and adjusted via the Grillson App. The Bob Grillson Premium works with a special technology that avoids unhealthy fat burning by heating two thirds of the grilling surface indirectly. Another featu re is the self-cleaning function: Initiated via app or manually, the Clean Mode heats the grill to 500° Celsius, burning fat and food leftovers to ashes that can easily be brushed off.

Grillson will be present at the garden trade fair spoga+gafa in Cologne from August 30th  to September 1st,2015 in hall 7, stand B049.

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Barbecook: Tons of Grilling Pleasure

Barbecook has innovations in store for 2016, not only at product level, but also in terms of positioning it will take another track. With a powerful baseline “Born from steel, raised by men” the barbecue specialist will be ready for a lively adventure, more fiery than ever.

Edson: Whoever said that only beer can come out of a barrel?

The XL grid (Ø 47.5 cm) of this eye-catching, barrel-shaped BBQ stands for a XXL grilling adventure. With the cover cap on it, the Edson can be turned into a sturdy bar table. This giant is available in charcoal black and Barbecook red. Thanks to its easy assembly and integrated lighting system with ashtray it is ready in no-time.

Urban barbecuing with Largo

This small table-height appliance, available in stylish white and trendsetting green, has been specially developed for trendy urban barbecuers with balconies or city gardens. Its robust cast-iron grid (Ø 40 cm) holds the heat longer for perfectly grilled dishes. Largo is small in formate but all the larger in terms of performance. The fire is controlled with the ingenious QuickStart® system with adjustable air supply.

Junko: Back to the roots

Junko embodies primal instinct, but with contemporary user-friendliness. It’s a tool designed to experiment with fire and flavours. The “ready-to-start” package – tripod, grill and fire basket – is pioneering, adventurous and sturdy: barbecuing in its very essence. The tripod can be stored compactly and folds up like a handy tepee tent. Using the sturdy pulley and strong chains the food can be hanged closer or further from the fire. Several creative tools are available combined with Junko. If, in addition to grilling, you feel like cooking in a wok or frying pan, the barbecue pan, wok and Dutch ovens will guarantee your own saucy preparations.

Loewy: The Barbecook icon 2.0

The age-old charcoal icon will boast a new black streamlined design as of 2016, retaining its best features. Loewy will be launched in two models depending on the size of the grilling surface: 45 and 50. Its new sturdy handle provides extra security and the QuickStop water tray for improved stability and fast clean-up. Its grid is adjustable in three positions and provides extra comfort, allowing to grill intensely or gently.

New mates for Siesta

In 2015 Barbecook developed a brand-new ‘Siesta’ gas series. Due to its resounding success, a new model – the Siesta 512 – will be added in trendy crème colour. The five main burners can be adjusted separately and there is even an extra side burner to heat up sauces, whilst spatulas, tongs and other barbecue tools can be hung from the accessory hooks. The double-sided cover ensures a more constant barbecue temperature, which can be perfectly controlled with the built-in thermometer. The Siesta 512 crème comes with enamelled cast-iron grids, but here too Barbecook provides extra tools to face all grilling challenges. For example, you can swap the Dynamic Core Grill for a pizza plate, contact plate or drip tray and even place a smoker box on a gas burner to add extra flavour to the preparations.

Barbecook will be present at the  garden trade fair spoga+gafa 2015 in Cologne in hall 07.1 at stand D010/E011.

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