GoSun Stoves: Cooking With the Sun

These grills are solar-powered and need no extra fuel or coals.

After a long morning assembling a solar hot water heating array, GoSun founder and solar energy expert, Patrick Sherwin, realized that the hot tubes sitting next to him might just be able to reheat his lunch. When the food came out warm and roasted, it was an epiphany. Having lived extensively of the grid and working with solar electrification development projects around the world, he knew that he was on to something. After years of research and development, kick-started by a successful crowd-funding campaign in 2013, the solar cookers became reality, and are sold worldwide.

How It Works

The grill incorporates a proprietary vacuum tube technology that allows fast cooking, portability, simple operation, and safe and clean cooking, without propane or charcoal. Sunlight is focused by parabolic reflectors onto the vacuum tube that converts 80 percent of sun rays into heat that builds up to temperatures of 288° C. Despite the high cooking temperatures, the exterior of the grill remains cool. In addition, the high-moisture cooking environment ensures food is not only tasty, but full of nutritional value.

A large variety of things can be cooked with the GoSun Grill, e.g. potatoes, mushrooms, asparagus, vegetables, corn on the cob, meat and fish. For a hot meal there is not even a sunny day necessary – according to GoSun, solar cooking is also possible on an overcast day. They are also working on a version, which is able to store the solar energy and cook at night.

Further information: gosunstove.com

La Hacienda: Fend Off the Chill With Chimineas

By the end of the year come the chilly nights. Fireplaces for the garden can turn a cold, dark terrace into a comfortable spot for a warm garden party.

La Hacienda is taking pride in being a family owned and run company that has constantly grown from the late eighties until now. Coming from Great Britain they certainly know how it feels to care for a garden and not being able to enjoy it in the cold months. They did their first purchases of chimineas in the street markets in Ecuador and since then they have grown to a global level with customers in UK, Europe, Australia, North America, Asia, The Middle East and Africa.

Chimineas are freestanding front-loading fireplaces with a vertical chimney. Originally, this design comes from Spain and it became very popular in South American countries. La Hacienda sells classic chimineas made of clay as well as contemporary steel versions and other products that spend light and warmth. Here are some of their key products for this season:

Vela Steel Chimenea and Savannah Steel Chimenea with Grill

The  intricate patterns on the flue instantly attract the eye, making these steel chimineas distinct outdoor heaters. When the fire is lit, pockets of light are created and shadows dance through the cut outs on the chimney. The Savannah features a stainless steel cooking grill that is adjustable and removable, while the Vela fires on its own. Both chimineas are crafted from durable steel and are equipped with a log store, which enables the user to tidily and neatly keep their logs ready.

  • Measurements Savannah: Height 146cm, width 57cm, depth 38cm.
  • Measurements Vela: Height: 150cm, width: 36cm, depth: 36cm

Firepits: Tartarus and Zanga

These firepits are ideal for heating up seated areas. Fired with logs or coal, they create comfy bonfire atmosphere in any outdoor spaces. The Zanga has a look that is more rugged and antique, while the Tartarus’ design is sleek, modern and minimalist.

  • Measurements Zanga: Height 48cm, diameter 63cm
  • Measurements Tartarus: Height 41cm, diameter 69cm

Further information: lahacienda.co.uk