Romberg: protects plants in severe winter

Some plants which in summer transform garden or balcony into a green paradise require a special winter protection to survive outside.

Azalea, Camellia, some grasses but also some “hardy” ornamental plants can suffer from frost and severe winds and especially from heavy changes of temperatures. In particular, plants in pots and tubs are exposed to frost and should be protected in time with membranes, hoods or special mats to prevent them from freezing. Romberg offers various systems for the protection of plants in the winter.

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Trendy pond

Water creates both relaxation and life. Who does not like that!

This trendy pond form Velda, Netherlands, can be displayed anywhere and throughout the year. It is suitable for any garden, terrace and balcony, however, it also creates a good atmosphere inside. The pond is available in various colours. Including Aqua Clear, the remedy which makes tap water suitable for mini ponds and water ornaments. It prevents algal growth and keeps fish in good condition.

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