KIGA by Hurbz: Kitchen Garden for Metropolitans

With its elegant and modern design, Hurbz allows to cultivate kitchen gardens without restraint.

Created as a kitchen garden for urban homes, the KIGA is a modular plant container that integrates nicely outdoors into balconies, terraces and gardens as well as indoors. Its height allows working without bending down, so planting and harvesting are made with ease.

One complete Hurbz set is made of four legs pots and four interior pots. Those can be leaned against each other or against a wall. For the installation, only four screws are needed. The original XL version is 104 cm in height while the new M and S versions are 88 cm high. The material is polyethylene treated to resist ultraviolet rays. Fixing the elements is made possible through the threaded inserts built into each «leg». An additional insert located close to the ground serves to evacuate excess water from the irrigation or rain.

As a bonus, Hurbz has developed an application for iPhone and Android phones that allows Hurbz clients to receive advices from planting to harvest. This application will also allow the company to keep in touch with their customers and offer them advice from different seasons but also hints and tricks to take all the benefits from their Hurbz kitchen garden.

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Miniature Greenhouses by Jiffy: Diverse and Flexible Growing

Jiffy is the inventor of the Jiffypot, a planting pot made from compressed peat, which integrates with the plant’s root system and is transplanted with the plant.

Among a range of different greenhouses, Jiffy is now also offering miniature greenhouses for window sills, balconies and terraces. They are made from high-grade and robust synthetics and come in several strong colours. Equipped with ventilation flaps and a transparent case they offer a good environment for successful and stable plant growth. Jiffy Plant Pots and Tabs are available as refill packs, for example the Jiffy-7-Pellets. The largest model, MultiGrow, is equipped with a drainage, which helps draining superfluous water.

Hot and Spicy – The Chili Greeenhouse

Another new development by Jiffy for the DIY-crowd is the Hot Chili Hobby Set in flaming red. This greenhouse comes together with three different kinds of chilli seeds in original Jiffy Pots that grow into spicy chilli peppers.

Who is Jiffy?

Jiffy is a leading developer and vendor of growing products and substrates. They produce and export worldwide. The company has over 60 years of experience and is the inventor of the Jiffypot, a plant pot made from pressed peat or coco. Jiffy is offering its growing solutions to hobby gardeners as well as professionals. Their product range includes special substrates, growing pots, compressed pellets and greenhouses. Every day, more than 10 million plants are being grown in Jiffy products worldwide – thats over 3.5 billion per year!

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