Stylish water butts

Gardens like nothing more than rainwater. This natural resource is for free and contains no limescale, which makes it particularly good for plants. Uncovered water butts are becoming less and less common and with good reason.

Light encourages algae growth and annoying insects like to use open containers to raise their young. Today there are many ways of storing rainwater which are both technically and visually superior to the dull water butt. Modern gardeners can use them for watering on the one hand but also for a style statement on the other.

The company Otto Graf GmbH with their brand Garantia offers rainwater butts in 50 shapes, colours and sizes. All reasonably experienced DIY enthusiasts can install and connect a rainwater storage tank with basic tools. A downpipe from the roof is used to connect to the tank. A downpipe filter removes coarse pieces of dirt and automatically prevents the tank from overflowing when full. In wintertime the inlet of the tank is easy to be shut. The tank requires minimum care and maintenance.

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