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Study Shows the Desire for Green Spaces

Nature is good for our health and good for our well-being. We know from many recent studies that green spaces relieve us from stress and raise our overall health in many ways. But growing urbanization and tighter schedules prevent us from spending time outdoors in green environments.

The Husqvarna Group published its Global Green Space Report 2013. 4676 citizens from nine countries (Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Sweden and USA) were asked about their relationship to gardens, parks and forests. Two third of the people surveyed believe that visiting and interacting with green spaces contributes a lot to a person’s quality of life and even 89 per cent consider having access to green spaces a human right. On the other hand up to forty per cent of all people asked admitted that they only visit a park once every three months, when it comes to forests people go there even less.

The overall numbers about how much time we actually spend in nature are declining year after year. There is a widening gap between what people tell and how they behave. No doubt, there is enthusiasm for nature, however, people tend to stay at home or spend their free time with activities indoors. For 35 per cent of the surveyed people the desire to interact with nature is so intense, that they think of becoming a landscape architect or a gardener if they could start their lives all over again.

There is no easy solution to reconnect people with nature but one important finding of the study is that the more contact people have with green spaces the more they long for it. People with gardens tend to spend more time with nature and take other people with them outdoors. Involved people involve others.

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