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STORUS by DEGARDO: Illuminated Plant Containers with Organic Lines

Shaped like river gravel, these pots are a combination of garden sculpture, plant container and seating object.

The DEGARDO GmbH has specialized in the development, the manufacturing and the distribution of lifestyle- and design pieces for in- and outdoors. Their products are being used in the furnishing of facilities, the greening of indoor places and more and more in the landscaping business. But their XXL pots are also growing in popularity with private customers. Objects by DEGARDO are attractive garden sculptures, plant containers, partitions and sometimes you can even sit on them. They are resistant to UV-rays and extreme temperatures and are very robust.

The STORUS line by DEGARDO is an established range of harmonically formed containers that can be used outside in the garden or inside. They feature an alternative design language to customary round and rectangular plant containers. Their organic lines are reminiscent of river gravel and blend in with the natural environment. They come in five sizes and you can choose between light and dark granite or the translucent illuminated version, which lights up and unveils a unique atmosphere in the evening. The latest products in this line are STORUS III, IV and V.

The STORUS II container has been awarded with the Red Dot Award 2014. The statement of the jury was: “The STORUS plant container combines a natural aesthetic with multifunctional product properties at a high standard.” They were also on display at the spoga+gafa 2014 in Cologne.

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