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Stick-lets: Designed to Reconnect Children With Nature

When designer Christina Kazakia asked her friends about their best childhood memories, all of them told her stories about playing in the great outdoors. This inspired her to her thesis at the Rhode Island School of Design. The title of which is Natural Imagination: Reconnecting Urban Children with Nature. She intended to develop a device helping children to play constructively in nature, a tool to build forts. By observing kids playing with wood she discovered that often they would only need some sort of a simple, versatile connector to build something with the sticks.  

Kazakia came up with the Stick-lets, silicone-made connectors with a minimalist design similar to bicycle chain elements, which can be used to connect branches and poles. Children can now creatively build forts, tents and shelters with natural materials and it looks as simple as playing with Tinker Toys. There are four different models for sale at the moment, each in a different bright color. They are sold in packs with ten or twenty pieces and as a starter pack with five Stick-lets in a bag.

Although they are clearly marketed towards children, the Stick-lets can also be used by hobby gardeners. They could help with many work situations in the garden, for example aligning ornamental plants or getting branches out of the way. Special models targeted towards adults are planned.

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