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Solero: Endless Summer Entertainment with the Laterna Parasol

This parasol can be enjoyed during the whole night.

Festive, romantic, almost magical: that’s what summer evenings should be like. Solero’s Laterna is a parasol that might be helpful. During daytime bright sunrays are averted, and as soon as twilight breaks Laterna shows its USP: a simple click activates the integrated Accento lamp which supplies intimate and cosy lighting.

Due to its generous measurements (three by three metres) the parasol turns any gathering, whether big or small, into comfort and luxury. Laterna can easily be adjusted to any desired position with one simple move. Laterna’s all-weather properties ensure it easily withstands bouts of rain or extreme sunshine, whilst the parasol’s high quality, colourfast cloth guarantees longevity.

The wireless and rechargeable mood lighting sets Laterna apart from other parasols. Once switched on, a long and beautiful evening can start. Solero Laterna is available in four colours: natural, taupe, charcoal grey and black.

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