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Soendgen Ceramics: Orchid Vase and Stake With Swarovski Elements

Orchids are among the most fascinating plants we know. The beauty and elegance of these flowers is now given an attractive setting by Soendgen Ceramics with the new orchid vase “Hollywood”.

Equipped with the FlowerSafe ridge (which prevents waterlogging) the orchid vase series “Hollywood” is perfectly adapted to the needs of orchids. It is 15 cm high, has a diameter of 13 cm and provides the more common orchid planting pots with a brilliant home.

For their development and to display their blossoms, orchids require an orchid stake, which helps the delicate stems to carry the blossoms. Soendgen Ceramics now offers a climbing support, whose form merges with the plant and provides a stable support across its length of 55 cm. The dynamically curved, transparent orchid stake makes several slight turns and is ornamented with sparkling Swarovski elements. In the identical colors crystal-bramble, crystal-green and crystal-clear the orchid stakes complement the “Hollywood” vase.  The orchid stakes are offered as a set made up of one stake and two blossom tendrils “Twist”.

For support at the POS, Soendgen Ceramics provides an attractive promotional packaging to present the set of 3 consisting of a stake and two blossom tendrils “Twist”.

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