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Smoke It All: Enhancing BBQ Flavour With Smoking Mix

These smoking mixes from Denmark give BBQs a new taste dimension.

People are grilling as never before. At the same time more and more acquire a taste for using their kettle or gas grill for more than just the must-have ingredients. Among the novelties for the BBQ season are smoke mix trays, which make it easy to smoke in any kind of grill and add a delicious flavour to the dishes.

The smoke mixes from the Danish company Smoke It All are made from oven-dried quality sawdust from PEFC labelled beeches. The sawdust is mixed with dried berries, fruits and spices and sealed with flavour tight foil. Unlike other products of wood pieces and chips, which must be soaked in water prior to use, Smoke It All is ready for use within a few seconds. Remove the foil, place the aluminium tray on the coals (or gas grill), put on the lid with an almost closed damper and leave to smoke for the next 25-30 min.

The flavour, taste and the convenience make the Smoke It All mixes appealing to a broad target group: The experienced BBQ enthusiasts find the product inspiring and see it as a new possibility of experimenting with new taste experiences. At the other end of the spectrum, light users will see Smoke It All as an easy and quick way to raise standards of their grilled dishes.

Smoke It All is available in six flavour variants, with names like „Meadow“, „Forest“  and „Valley“. Each flavour is recommended for three different sorts of meat or fish (lamb, beef, chicken, fish, pork or game).

Visitors of the spoga+gafa 2016 will have the opportunity to have a whiff of the Smoke It All flavours in hall 07.1, stand D043.

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