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Smart and wireless: spoga+gafa experiential worlds present the latest products and trends

Lawnmower Voltage 80 by Stiga – Credits: Stiga

Many garden owners love designing their green oasis themselves, for some people the outdoor activity is even one of their favourite hobbies. But to make sure that gardening really is fun, it shouldn’t be too arduous. That is why the manufacturers of garden tools and auxiliary devices are always coming up with something new. The smart gardening and battery technology sections are currently of particular interest for consumers and also for the green industry.

Smart stands for digital and networked. The progressing digitalisation of our everyday life has long since reached the garden too. Robotic lawnmowers for example take on the job of cutting the lawn autonomously, automatic irrigation systems ensure the plants are optimally taken care of and also save water, because it is used as needed and at the right times, the pool roof closes on its own when there is the risk of a storm and ideally the barbecue even cleans itself at the end of the evening. Beyond this, more and more technical appliances in our gardens can be linked up with each other and via corresponding apps on the smartphone also with their owners and they reliably report which work has to be done right now.

Gardening via smartphone – Credits: Bosch

Whether lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, lawn trimmers – there is plenty going on in the battery technology section too. These appliances are gaining increasing popularity with the garden owners – because they are wireless, quiet, emission-free and odourless. The battery performance improves all the time and as a rule is definitely on a par with the petrol-powered alternatives. It is particularly interesting for the garden owner, if different appliances can be used with the help of rechargeable batteries. This is both sustainable and favourably-priced. The line-ups of many manufacturers include such systems today.

Modern battery technology – Credits: Ryobi

“The themes smart gardening and battery technology may not be new, but in these sections there are rapid developments at the moment and many innovations,” underlined Stefan Lohrberg, Project Manager of the international garden trade fair, spoga+gafa. “Many things are possible today that were unimaginable a few years ago.” This is why there will be two new experiential worlds on this theme at the coming spoga+gafa – which is being staged in Cologne from 3 to 5 September – in the “garden creation & care” section in Hall 6. The Smart Gardening themed world focuses on the latest technologies and trends for outdoor lighting, lawn care, safety, BBQs, shade systems, pools and garden irrigation. Parallel to this, manufacturers of battery devices will be displaying their new products for the first time at the adjacent IVG Power Place.

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