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Small in Size, Big in Function: the new SAfire Roaster – Presented by BBQ-Scout

Things were not always better in the old days. Certainly not in camping cooking, which usually meant warming up tinned meals over a gas burner. Today we have the SAfire Roaster, a compact grill that can be used to boil, bake, fry and grill food almost anywhere.

The compact outdoor mini cooker weighs only 3.5 kilos, operates without an open fire and uses surprisingly little charcoal. As sole distributor in Germany, BBQ-Scout is presenting this new product for the first time in Germany at the spoga+gafa 2013.  The multifunction combi-grill has it’s origins in South Africa, where ‘Braai’, the African way of grilling, is a fixed part of social life. The original roaster was developed as a very safe, low-cost way of cooking for the underprivileged.

The small genius is the size and shape of a cooking pot. It requires no more than 350 grams of wood briquettes to maintain an even temperature of around 180 degrees for almost three hours. The heat is held in and reflected by a solid stainless steel lid.

The SAfire Roaster can be used to prepare various tasty meals – from chicken, roast meat, fish and fried eggs to pizza, bread and even vegetables. It does not emit unhealthy fumes since the fat does not drip onto the embers. Its special construction ensures that the charcoal burns very cleanly and produces only a minimum of carbon monoxide. The SAfire Roaster is also extremely easy to clean.

The SAfire Roaster and accessories are available directly from BBQ-Scout, through retailers and from specialist online shops.

BBQ-Scout exhibits at spoga+gafa 2013 in hall 05.1 stand D059.

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