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SKINCOM: Sun-Protection for Children

Small children need to play outside. Especially in the summer they enjoy playing in the sandbox or at the beach. But playing for hours in the sun can be very dangerous. Kids are not aware of the intensity of the sun. They don’t know that there are strong UV rays that strike their sensitive skin and lead to sunburn and even skin cancer in the long term.

The Swiss company SKINCOM specialises in the production of solar tents with a high sun-protection factor. Sitting or playing in the shades of an awning, a beach tent or a parasol doesn’t mean automatically that there is protection from the UV rays. It is all about the sun protection factor, which is not only important for sun cream but also for shade-giving devices. According to SKINCOM, all of their sun tents have a sun protection factor of at least 60, which exceeds the Australian and New Zealand UV Standard 801, the strictest in the world.

In their product range, SKINCOM offers different tents, from the convenient EASY to the flexible PREMIUM versions. The tents are wind- and rainproof and can be transported easily – most versions weigh between 1.3 and 2.6 kilograms.

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