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Segers: Modular Chicken Coop & Garden Makes You a Poultry Farmer

The numbers of people who engage in urban gardening and urban farming are rising. Growing vegetables and fruit can be a sustainable occupation for smaller areas but this also goes for the keeping of livestock. A modular system from design studio Segers makes it possible.

The Modular Chicken Coop & Garden offers space for several chickens and plants. The system includes a shed for chickens or small pets, raised beds for vegetables, a composting bin, and a tool shed. The modules can be stacked together individually. The Modular Chicken Coop is great for urban farmers who want to be self sustainable with limited space and for families or schools who want to teach children where vegetables and eggs come from.

Studio Segers is a two-generation-company from Belgium. It was founded by graphic designer Rita Westhovens and product designer Wim Segers in 1989. In 2009 their son Bob Segers (product designer) and Marjan Brants (graphic designer) joined the design team.

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  1. Viliam | | Reply

    am interested to build a company to sell this device in Slovakia – Europe. Do you have any ideas for colaboration?

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