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Schaffner: New finish for table surfaces

New finish for table surfaces by Schaffner © Schaffner

Schaffner AG is presenting a new finish for the surface of garden tables at spoga+gafa. The SMC technology implemented by the Swiss manufacturer enables the production of weatherproof table surfaces of an almost freely selectable design.

Schaffner AG was one of the first manufacturers in Europe to make tabletops out of fibreglass. The highlight: Fibreglass belongs to the group of thermosetting plastics, is completely dimensionally stable and cannot warp. A further advantage of using it for garden furniture is the fact that it offers a choice of numerous shapes, colours and surfaces. Only a few millimetres thick, fibreglass tabletops make a very lightweight visual impression.

The long-standing know-how of Schaffner in this section was now put to use to develop the new finish. The new high-tech surfaces of the tabletops made of fibreglass have a very pleasant haptic feel, are heat-resistant and excel because of their alkali and acid resistance. Furthermore, the metal tabletops by Schaffner that are finished using the new technology are scratch-proof and display an especially superior appearance and quality.

New finish for table surfaces by Schaffner © Schaffner

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