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Romance and bad weather in Norway

The people in Norway like it romantic. Maybe this is their way of coping with the extreme weather conditions and the long period of darkness during the winter season.

As soon as the days get longer in spring, Norwegians start to prepare their gardens for the summer. Everything has to beautiful for the warm period of the year und it certainly must be romantic. The Vikings love floral gardens and as in their neighbour country Sweden, gardening is an all-female affair. Due to their romantic preference, re-creating wilderness is the favourite garden trend in Norway – and roses are their fancied flowers. The ideal Norwegian garden is the traditional English rose garden. These Scandinavian hobby gardeners are so dotty about roses that Norwegian bloggers enthusiastically participate in a contest called ‘Ms Rose’. They submit pictures of their loveliest roses and other bloggers comment on them. However, the weather in Norway can be extreme. Heavy storms and rain can cause severe damage to the gardens. That is why many Norwegians are followers of another garden trend: Greenhouse gardening. The greenhouses not only protect their plants, they also open up a small new world and prolong the gardening season. The Norwegians are among the top spenders on gardening and outdoor living in Europe. On average they invest 96 Euros (126 $) per year in their garden.

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