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Robolinho® 4000: High-Performance Robotic Lawn Mower by AL-KO

The fully automated robotic lawn mower Robolinho® 4000 takes care of green areas of up to 2.000 square meters.

Every garden enthusiast knows that gardening can be fun and the exercise helps you to stay in shape. But for some people this work can become a tedious chore, especially for people who are physically not able to work that much. The Robolinho® 4000 by AL-KO can make gardening much easier.

The 4000 is the largest of the fully automated mowing robots made by AL-KO. It can mow up to 2.000 square meters of lawn, no matter the time of day or the weather. It is equipped with a double-blade technology, which helps fertilizing the lawn: The cut blades of grass are getting chaffed inside the Robolinho and then blown out again, turning into natural fertilizer. The lawn doesn’t dry out anymore, keeps its shape and no green waste has to be disposed. The robot is easy to handle and the cutting height can be adjusted from three to six centimeters.

The Robolinho® 4000 finds his own way back to the recharge station. It can go up slopes of up to 35 degrees without effort and it detects and bypasses obstacles by itself. A code protects the robot from theft.

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