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Robo Scooter 500 – Automatic Lawn Mower for Small Gardens

With its new Robo Scooter 500, Wolf-Garten presents an automated lawn mower whose energy is supposed to last up to 3 hours and 20 minutes and can be used for areas of grass up to 500 m².

The lane, which is cut by the blades to heights of between 20 and 80 mm, is 20 cm wide. The cutting width is 1 cm outside the wheels. This should allow the edges to be drawn cleanly. The motor of the Robo Scooter is powered with 150 Watt and driven by 24 Volt batteries. If the charge is running low, the lawn mower returns automatically to its station to power up.

According to Wolf-Garten the lawn mower is equipped with rain, bump, lift and tilt sensors which give the scooter a high level of independence. It even has theft protection using a PIN code and an alarm system. There is a special mulch system which processes the cuttings cleanly and leaves a clean lawn.

The automatic lawn scooter weighs 17.6 kg including batteries and is fully programmable.

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