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ReGen Villages: New concept for sustainable living

At this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale a visionary, green community concept is on display: The Danish studio Effekt and the project developer ReGen Villages are presenting sustainable residential areas with plenty of green spaces and vertical market gardens.

The concept for the ecological residential areas will be shown at the Danish Biennale Pavilion up until November by the architect’s office Effekt. The development company ReGen Villages is responsible for the idea. The name stands for a regenerative and holistic concept that aims to link up different innovative technologies with each other – for example plus energy houses with solutions for renewable energy, waste recycling and vertical cultivation areas for fruit and vegetables. According to the initiators the aim is combine already existing technologies in order to meet the current global challenges such as the growing population or the increasing urbanisation.

Each of the “ReGen Villages” is to comprise of a mixture between residential buildings, greenhouses, public buildings and lots of greenery. The planned vertical cultivation areas in the form of rows of plants for the self-sufficiency of the inhabitants is a special feature of the concept. An initial pilot project is planned near Amsterdam, afterwards the concept is to be implemented in other Northern European countries.

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