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Red Dot 2014: Fiskars Wins Three Awards

The Red Dot Awards are one of the most highly anticipated events in the world of product design. For 2014, the Finnish gardening equipment producer Fiskars is again one of the top players. This time they are being awarded with three prizes.

Fiskkars SmartFit™

This telescope scissors with adjustable arms is able to cut hard to reach branches and twigs. It is ergonomically shaped and developed for professionals as well as hobby gardeners alike. The hardened steel blades have a non-stick coating and can cut through branches that are up to 50 mm thick. The handles are made from aluminum and fiber-glass reinforced plastic. The SmartFit™ is a winner in the “Product Design” category. It is already available at Fiskars dealers.

Fiskars Xact™

Xact™ is a line of classic gardening tools consisting of gardening spade, garden fork, compost fork and shovel. They are designed to relieve  the back and to be as comfortable to use as possible. The spades and the shovel have a new innovative paddle design and the handle is made of high quality steel with an anti-slip surface. All tools are available in two sizes. The Xact™ tools are winners in the “Best of the Best” category. They will be available in Germany in 2015.

Fiskars KitchenGarden™

The KitchenGarden™ is a miniature green house for the kitchen. It is equipped with an LED-Light, which, according to Fiskars, keeps herbs longer fresh. It will be available in two versions: the basic version has five LEDs with white light that promotes growth in all kinds of plants.

The premium version has a light unit with six LEDs that can shine in red blue and white. It also comes with a remote that can control the light’s colour and intensity. You can program the KitchenGarden™ for a night and day rhythm. The Xcat™ wins in the “Product Design” category. It will be available in Germany in 2015.

The Red Dot Awards

The Red Dot Design Awards 2014 will be held in Essen, Germany in the Red Dot Design Museum on July 7th. There will also be a grand opening of the four week special exhibition, where all winning products will be put on display before they join the permanent exhibition of the museum. The Red Dot Museum has the largest exhibition of contemporary design in the world: About 2.000 products are shown on more than 4.000 square meters.

Further Information: and Red Dot Awards

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