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Quiet giant for the larger lawn

Robot mower convinces with short charging time. The new, large robot mower from WOLF-Garten is the ideal helper for areas of grass up to 3000 square metres in size.

After one and a half hours of use it requires only 2 hours to recharge and be fully functional. This makes multiple cycles possible in the same day. The Robo Scooter 3000 from WOLF-Garten glides softly and quietly over the sprawling lawn. It has up to about 3000 square metres in front of it, one and a half hours without a rest. Then the robot mower docks into the charging station for two hours and the 26 Volt lithium ion battery “is fully charged”. The blades manage a cutting width of 56 cm and are powered by two 150 Watt motors. With a measured noise level of 66 and guaranteed 68 decibel, the strong helper is very quiet. It weighs a mere 19 kilos including batteries. The two powerful engines provide a clean cut, even in long grass. The cutting height can be set between 20 and 80 mm. The mulch system processes the cuttings, leaving a lush green. Thanks to the floating deck and the floating blade protection skirt, the Robo Scooter 3000 is able to cut along the edge of the grass and leaves perfectly clean borders. Naturally, the boundary wire is included in the scope of delivery, as is the charging station. With the help of the illuminated graphic LCD display panel, the mowing times for multiple daily cycles are easy to programme.

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