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Primeval Symbiosis: Eco-Friendly Living Among the Trees

Compared to natural life, the humans have a very short history on this planet. Plants and trees have been around for billions of years, mankind not even for a million years. In this short time we have left a heavy impact on nature. Increasing population leads to the destruction of natural habitats and to the creation of concrete metropolises. Some effects of this are air and water pollution and the vanishing of natural soil. In order to minimise the damage done to the environment new ideas for alternative ways of living are needed.

The young architect Konrad Wójcik might have found one possibility for people to live comfortably in nature by only leaving a minimal ecological footprint. His project Primeval Symbiosis is based on dwelling units that are inspired by the functionality and structure of trees. For many animals trees are the optimal shelter against cold and hot weather as well as predators; at the same time they provide food and energy. Usually when we think about a tree-house for people we think about a construction that is in a tree, but Wójcik designed so called Single Pole Houses that are formed like trees and can be individually erected in forests or other natural areas. The geometrical form reminds of a triangular fir tree and inside there is room enough for two people to live on four floors. The house is based on a stem-like pole that makes the smallest possible imprint in the forest floor and serves as stabiliser, technical core and as geothermal energy source. The “roof” is equipped with solar cells and the lower parts function as rain water reservoir and bio waste digester ­– making the construction fully independent of external energy sources.

The idea is to erect groups of Single Pole Houses approximately a few hundred meters apart from each other. Potential target groups are environment conscious people and families, as well as tourists or property-sharing groups. Also, they could be erected in nature reserves as research stations.

The layouts of the Primeval Symbiosis project look very promising and one might hope that there will be a proper realisation in the near future.

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