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POS Green Solution Islands: guided tours with experts

Guided tours at spoga+gafa 2017

As ideas of the concrete design of sales areas for garden centres and DIY stores, the POS Green Solution Islands are being presented at this year’s spoga+gafa: Practical examples for winning over customers. An interview with the industry expert, Oliver Mathys, about the concept behind these islands and guided tours for trade fair visitors. 

Mr Mathys, what is the concept behind the POS Green Solution Islands that are being presented at spoga+gafa 2017 from 3 to 5 September 2017? 

All islands unite the idea of cross selling and curated shopping. Various products from different product segments of the trade will be jointly presented on each area. In each case it is demonstrated what a specific theme could look like on the sales area. Beyond the inspiration, we offer the trade visitor of spoga+gafa concrete options for action for addressing one’s own customers. The focus here is on plants for the indoor and outdoor area. Inspired by urban gardening, we will show for instance edible greenery such as herbs, flowers or small fruits under the title “All you can eat” – and the whole thing is staged as a balcony scenery. Another theme is “Living with plants”, presented in the installation of a bathroom with plants used to clean and improve the ambient air.

You and other experts are offering tours for the POS Green Solution Islands. What are their thematic focuses?

Different experts will carry out the tours from different perspectives. I myself am offering a more conceptual approach, which is predominantly about the topic selection, organisation and implementation within the team. A further focus of the tours is the viewpoint of the consumer – what influences him in his selection of plants and what value do these have today, how are they implemented as part of the architecture, etc. A third perspective focuses on practical examples: What has to be specifically heeded during the assembly, which plants can be used; what cleaning aspects have to be heeded, etc.

You are an acknowledged expert within the green industry. Which current trends and special sales markets are you currently observing?

The shift is moving further in the direction of the food retail trade and garden centres, but also DIY stores are faced with major challenges. For instance how does one communicate with young people and inspire them for plants? Global trends such as cactuses can help design presentations so that they correspond with the zeitgeist. In general, people’s knowledge about plants continues to diminish – the customers primarily want to have solutions shown to them. And today these are compared with those of worldwide suppliers via social media and Internet.

 What are your expectations in the coming spoga+gafa as an expert and visitor? How do you use the trade fair for your own work?

Open communications, inspiration and the courage to implement new approaches – the industry can only move forward together. We have such great products and it is down to us to implement them lucratively. I have been asserting myself for the industry for years and see it as part of my responsibility to continually expand my knowledge.


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