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picNYC Table Brings the Park Into Your Home

The ideas of urban gardening and urban farming, where people cultivate plants, flowers, fruit and vegetables in the cities inspired the architects of Haiko Cornelissen to an unusual design piece. The picNYC table brings the rural experience of picnicking not just in the city but into the residence. Instead of a normal counter top it has a table top with natural grass growing out of it and creating a mini lawn. This way, the experience of eating outside in nature can be reproduced in the privacy of one’s own home.

The folded lightweight aluminum table top and legs form a stiff framework for the grass, soil and stones, which are needed for drainage. Suddenly spilling water becomes a necessity instead of a problem and wine glasses need coasters not to prevent ring stains but to avoid tumbling. Because there are no table grass mowers, the grass needs to be cut by hand, which adds to the haptic experience of nature.

Grass is not the only thing that can be grown on the picNYC table: flowers, herbs, even vegetables are possible, depending on the needs and the green thumb of the owner.

Haiko Cornelissen is a Dutch architect with an office in Amsterdam and New York. After working for OMA and Steven Holl, Haiko opened his own office in 2011 to work on design, architectural and urban projects around the world.

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