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Patio Heaters by Enders: Saving Energy with Eco Green Technology

Enjoying the outdoor season comfortably with friends can only be done in the right temperatures. Autumn, spring and winter make it often hard to take a seat outside in the own garden or a restaurant without freezing after a while. Fortunately patio heaters that protect from the cold are becoming more popular in outdoor living environments.

The German company Enders is in business since 1883. In the 1950s they had their breakthrough with camping stoves and since then they became specialists for gas-burning devices. Right now Enders specialises in gas grills, camping items and patio heaters. Their developers focus increasingly on saving energy and have developed a technology that makes the heaters not only friendlier for the environment but also cheaper in construction.

Enders 3-8 kW models like Event, Trendstyle or Rattan are equipped with the new Eco Green Burner technology that achieve the same heat radiation like conventional patio heaters with 12 kW while saving energy costs and having lower carbon emissions. 

The Enders Ecoline heaters are equipped with Enders Eco-Ultra-Technology that brings up to 83% less CO2- emissions while having the same output like conventional heaters. This is a great saving and it is clear that the lower gas consumption of this gas heater also has a positive impact on the customer’s wallets.

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