Don’t miss the Boulevard of ideas

At this year’s spoga+gafa, which is being held from 2nd to 4th September in Cologne, the Boulevard of ideas will be focusing entirely on sustainable marketing at the Point-of-Sale.

How can a sustainable store fittings concept be achieved and which events at the POS can be successfully used for customer loyalty? These are only two of the themes which are covered at the Boulevard of ideas. The trend towards digital marketing via apps and newsletters is also being taken into account – including tips from programmers for the development of own online applications. In other areas, product presentations as well as decorations using natural materials are presented. Current marketing trends are being attractively presented in a total of five areas along the fair boulevard and two others on the Piazza. In this process the areas offer a mix of presentation, information and active experience. The Boulevard of ideas is a tour of experience for everyone.

The concept for Boulevard of ideas 2012 comes from the MOOD! Communications agency.

News from the chainsaw message-bearer

The message that Dr. Bertram Kandziora, CEO of the Stihl AG & Co. KG, carried at the press briefing on annual results could not have been better: 10.8 per cent growth in 2011 with a record turnover of 2.6bn Euros and excellent prospects for the future development of the company.

“We have been able to strengthen our position in the worldwide market due to our widespread product line and our unique structure of distribution. I am confident that this trend will continue in the current and in the following year,” said Dr. Kandziora. Traditionally, the German market was stable and sound with a share of some 10.6 per cent of the total turnover, but foreign markets significantly contributed to last year’s extraordinary yield. Especially in several regions in Eastern Europe and some Asian and Latin American threshold-countries sales-figures rose above average. This also earmarks the company’s longstanding foreign activities. Their distribution company in Canada celebrated its 30th anniversary last year with further jubilees celebrated in Hungary (20 years) and South Africa (15 years).

For decades, Stihl’s key to success is the quality and reliability of their products. “Last year,” stressed CEO Dr. Kandziora, “our art of engineering reached yet another peak with the development of the first electric fuel injection in a hand-held motor-driven device.” Indeed, the new Stihl angle grinder TS 500i was equipped with this brand new technology. Although its fuel consumption was reduced by 15 per cent, it nonetheless has 20 per cent more power than previous models. This year Stihl will introduce some new chainsaws and sweepers.

After the very promising first quarter of this year and with the company’s policy of careful planning and flexible production capacities the CEO’s forecast may well come true.

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Garden unique: Join this innovative design contest!

Are you into design? Shapes and colours are your passion? You are creative and you like to give mundane things a distinctive look or an exclusive touch? Then you should participate in this garden unique design contest.

With this innovative contest, garden unique wishes to present new, innovative concepts to the trade fair exhibitors and visitors on the theme of premium outdoor items in 2012. The exhibition area of the design contest is a real magnet for garden unique and underlines the innovative focus of the event. From furniture that can be conveniently moved around and transported, to a sunshade for a picnic with family or friends, down to an outdoor kitchen, seating or shade for the professional and exclusive catering needs of a larger group. Show how your design and the occasion come together to create a unique experience!

garden unique is the its premium area for outdoor furniture and thus a vital part of spoga+gafa, the world’s leading trade fair for the garden industry. spoga+gafa is an annual trade fair that takes place in late summer. This year’s dates are 2 to 4 September 2012.

Participating in the contest is definitely worth the efforts. An expert jury will award three winners, with the first place winning 3.000 Euros – and even the sixteenth place will still be awarded with 250 Euros. Moreover, it will even be possible to admire the jury winners’ work in the form of prototypes.

More information about the contest and how to participate is on:

The garden is a dangerous place!
Or is it just German angst?

Springtime is gardening time and gardening is fun and relaxing. While digging in the ground, planting flowers and pruning shrubs and trees, one may begin get carried away in thought or even ponder on all the evils of the world that are so far away for the garden. But are they really that far away?

No, they are not, because your garden is full of dangers and accident hazards. A recent study by the Association of German Insurance Companies (GDV) shows that every year more than 100.000 people suffer an accident in their gardens. However, there is no need to worry as long as you follow some safety regulations. Garden accidents mostly happen when working with electrical devices like lawn mowers, hedge trimmers or loppers. More than 34 per cent of all accidents in the garden affect hands and fingers. Whenever electrical devices are being used you must take utmost care and always pull the plug before touching the blades, e.g. when removing small branches or other objects that block the blades. Using a ladder can also be risky if you climb it too carelessly. Before you climb the ladder, make sure that it stands on solid and even ground. The higher you climb the ladder the more important it is, to have another person to secure the ladder whilst you are on it.

Children are exposed to a number of other dangers in your garden. Do you have a pond or a rainwater tank in your garden? Then you ought to make sure that your kids can’t fall into it. Little children can drown in very shallow water and, thus, even your baby’s paddling pool can be a jeopardous toy. Therefore, children should always be supervised whilst playing in the garden. Another source of evil is poisonous plants. Are you really sure that the plants in your garden are harmless in case your child should try to find out how these leaves or inviting berries taste? If you want to be on the safe side, you should contact your local nurseryman and ask his advice.

If you have eliminated all these dangers from your garden, it’s time for a relaxing barbecue. But be careful! Danger lies here too! Never ever use combustive agents like rectified spirits, because that could cause severe burn wounds. And, by all means, keep your kids off the hot grill! Their little fingers are not fireproof!

And? Are you still having fun in your garden? Fine, but are you then just careless or simply not German? Do you think that all these warnings and fears are part of the German angst, or is it justified to warn against these dangers in the garden? Do you know how many people in your country have an accident in the garden or is that figure completely irrelevant to you and your fellow countrymen? Let us know how careless or how cautiously you do the gardening.

Special travel offers:
spoga+gafa cooperating with Lufthansa and Deutsche Bahn

Anyone travelling to Cologne from 2nd to 4th September 2012 to spoga+gafa, the international garden trade fair, can this year once again look forward to special travel offers: because Lufthansa is again the official Airline of spoga+gafa, offering participants at the fair exclusive special conditions when they book flights from over 250 foreign cities in 100 countries. In addition to the reduced flight tickets from Lufthansa, rail travellers can get to spoga+gafa by using special-rate rail tickets from Deutsche Bahn (DB – German Railways).

Flight connections from abroad to Cologne, Düsseldorf or Frankfurt can be booked with immediate effect for the travel period 26th August to 11th September 2012 online here. After entering the “DEZUYT” access code, the price discount is automatically deducted or any additional, attractive promotional offers are displayed.

With Cologne/Bonn Airport the central hub of the so-called “Low-Cost-Carriers” is directly located on the doorstep of the Koelnmesse Exhibition Centre. A whole host of airlines are therefore offering flights within Germany and Europe at very attractive conditions. All the destinations serviced can be found here. 

Thanks to Koelnmesse’s cooperation with German Railways, tickets to Köln Messe/Deutz rail station (outward bound and return) are available nationwide for rail travellers at special rates starting from 99 Euro (89 Euro when booking online). Bookings can be made online here or by phoning the Deutsche Bahn sales office hotline (01805/311153) by quoting the keyword “spoga+gafa”.