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Outdoor Trends 2016/1017 (5): Barbecues – totally multifunctional

Barbecuing is once again one of the favourite leisure activities 2016. Many consumers even sizzle their meals on the hot grill several times a week. In order to prevent that habits become boring, technologies get more and more sophisticated.

In the meantime, food can be smoked, roasted, cooked and baked outside. But who has got enough space for all these appliances? That is why manufacturers now present multifunctional grills that unite all in one model. In addition, numerous manufacturers are currently launching high-quality compact appliances, thanks to which urban grillers no longer have to do without uncompromising pleasure.

At the same time manufacturers feed this enthusiasm for creative barbecuing with new ideas for equipment and accessories. The latest development: Waffle and sandwich attachments, intelligent roast thermometres and special crockery that allow a whole BBQ world. The brands increasingly discover the social media platforms. In this way, for instance, special barbecue apps are seamlessly combined with popular networks, so that the sizzling experiences can be shared immediately with friends.

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