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Outdoor trend: Gardening is booming in the city

Green Basics wall pot holder by elho © elho

Modern city dwellers are more and more frequently joining the ranks of the gardeners. Growing fruit, vegetables and herbs in the midst of the city is booming. In line with the unabated trend towards urban gardening, the offer of new balcony and terrace designs is also thriving.

Carrots in the pot or salad in the box: Trend-conscious city dwellers are taking joy in growing their own vegetables. What in the past was only common out in the country or in allotment gardens that were labelled as being square, is now increasingly conquering the metropolises. Urban gardening means tomatoes, red peppers and strawberries are grown on one’s own balcony or roof terraces. Backyards and open spaces are being transformed into community gardens for the whole neighbourhood.

As such, a new garden culture has established itself that is becoming increasingly more popular all the time. According to a representative GfK survey carried out on behalf of “Apotheken Umschau” (pharmacy publication), in the meantime 39 percent of the consumers, who own a balcony or garden, use them for growing fruit and vegetables – with an upward trend. Hence, the summer living-room is become real living space. And the consumers want to decorate it in a modern, stylish design.

Manufacturers from the garden industry are accommodating this trend. They are increasingly discovering the potential of urban open air oases and are offering the corresponding equipment: From special types of fruit, vegetables and herbs, to plant pots for the balcony railings, through to compact raised-beds made out of stainless steel. Multifunctional grills or complete outdoor kitchens are ready and waiting to prepare one’s own harvest. After working in the garden, one can relax in comfortable and at the same time space-saving outdoor furniture for the balcony or roof terrace. The open air enjoyment is rounded off by accessories such as lanterns, braziers or cushions, which lend the urban gardening a stylish ambiance.


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