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Outdoor Living: Homey Furniture for the Garden

The sun is shining, the bees are humming: This is the best time to go outside, relax, read or have a barbeque in the garden. People are spending more time outside of their houses and they want to use their garden as an extended living room. This means that furniture and accessories normally used in the house find their way into the outside. Couches, standard lamps and armchairs especially designed for the garden are the attractions of the coming seasons.  

The borders between in- and outdoors are vanishing bit by bit, you can tell that by looking at the furniture materials. “Covers for pillows and couches in the garden will have the same look and feel  as interior materials”, said Kathrin Münker from spoga+gafa regarding to the coming seasons. The Czech company Todus, for example, uses especially processed weatherproof leather for its chair “Aldeco”. In combination with stainless steel and UV-resistant textiles it results in comfortable seating furniture which can be left outside without worrying about the weather. The materials, colours and seating types can be personalized to match individual environments.

The Danish designers of Skagerak also use special materials for their seating furniture. The Virkelyst outdoors line combines teak with Barriere, a thick and resilient textile . The chair and the sofa come with soft, comfortable cushions that do not absorb moisture and do not develop unpleasant odours. This makes it possible to have a relaxing brunch or tea  on your own lawn.

Todus is exhibitor at spoga+gafa 2013 from September 8th to 10th.

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