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Outdoor Kitchens: More Than Barbecuing

Outdoor recreation is such an important, enjoyable part of our lives that many people around the world want to experience it at home as well. This goes especially for preparing food, cooking, and barbecuing. For these demands an outdoor kitchen can be the ideal add on to a household. Almost any available kitchen appliance can also be developed for outdoor use. You can even do your dishes under the blue sky with an outdoor dishwasher.

Four kitchen designer experts offered their insights on the most important aspects when creating outdoor kitchens: Mary Jo Peterson, principal of Mary Jo Peterson, Inc. and author of several kitchen design books, Jamie Gold, kitchen designer and author, Peggy McGowen, certified master kitchen and bath designer and founder of Kitchen & Bath Concepts in Houston and Russ Faulk, VP of product development for Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. According to them, modern families enjoy more informal lifestyles than former generations – the demand for informal home extensions grows.

When designing outside kitchens, the most important aspect to be considered is the effect of the elements. All cabinets must keep their contents dry and safe at any season. The appliances have to be weatherproof, neither rain, nor heat nor wind should affect them. The same goes for plumbing fixtures and lightings. There are special considerations to be made for all cooking equipment, be it pizza oven, heating plate or smoker. According to Peterson, another difference to an indoor kitchen is that an outdoor kitchen has to be planned with a smaller footprint because of the variety of activities taking place in the allowed space.

All of the four experts agree that designing outdoor kitchens is an interesting challenge because there are a lot of different aspects to be considered compared to a classic indoor kitchen. Of course it is also a profitable business branch for any business in the kitchen sector.

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