Outdoor Kitchen World 2017

Outdoor Kitchen World

The outdoor kitchen for the garden that comprises of a hob and a barbecue area, sink and spacious worktop as well as storage room for saucepans and crockery is totally trendy at present. For this reason there is going to be a special themed island for the first time at this year’s spoga+gafa in Cologne, which will demonstrate the entire spectrum of possibilities: the Outdoor Kitchen World.

Warm summer evenings and a meal with friends or family in the open air: Those, who don’t want to offer grilled steak and potato salad every time, should think about buying an outdoor kitchen. Here, fantastic dishes can be conjured up without having to keep running back into the house.

In the meantime, numerous manufacturers offer completely different models of outdoor kitchens. The material ranges from stainless steel to teak, through to plastic. In terms of design there is something to suit everyone’s taste. Individual elements – from the simple grill through to the exclusive Japanese hob – are freely combinable for most of the kitchens. In the Outdoor Kitchen World in Hall 8 of spoga+gafa the trade visitors can inform themselves about the entire spectrum of offers. From worldwide players and the manufacturers of built-in BBQs, through to national manufacturers, the Outdoor Kitchen World will be making a very international appearance.

oneQ – Photo: Hörner Gesunde Wärme GmbH

For example, the Dutch designer brand, oneQ, is on board, who offers an outdoor kitchen system with uniform-sized modules that are combinable with each other (40×40 cm), which enables the customers to create their own tailor-made kitchen.


Photo: PROKS


PROKS is a small, owner-run manufacturing company from the Rhineland. Their outdoor kitchens comprise of two components: the frames made of high-quality aluminium profiles and the cupboards made out of an almost indestructible special plate that can be coated with different decors.



Photo: BeefEater

The Australian market leader BeefEater Gasgrills has been producing outdoor cooking products for over 30 years. Whether black enamelled steel or stainless steel, all gas grills are available as built-in versions for the outdoor kitchen. Furthermore, the company offers built-in side hotplates and cupboards, doors and drawers for plenty of storage room and flexibility.



CUBIC – Photo: Herrenhaus-Werkstätten

The owner-run family company, Herrenhaus-Werkstätten has also been active on the market for over 30 years and specialises in the realisation of tailor-made outdoor solutions. The production of all parts takes place in the company’s own workshops. In this way each of their CUBIC outdoor kitchens becomes an individual unique specimen.



Photo: MK2-Gartenküche

Granite, galvanised steel pillars, anodised aluminium and glass – these are the materials that the MK2 garden kitchens are made out of. Thanks to a flexible module system, the company from Lower Franconia is in the position to design each garden kitchen to suit the individual wishes and needs of the customer.



Photo: Coyote

Coyote Outdoor Living specialises in the development and production of high-quality outdoor kitchen appliances. The company that is based in Texas is proud of the diversity of its range of kitchen appliances and offers a variety of special gas and electric grills.



Photo: ILVE

The Italian company ILVE has been manufacturing high-quality kitchen appliances since 1969. In addition to stoves and ovens, it also offers cooling appliances and dish-washers as well as a wide range of accessories. The products are exported in over 40 countries worldwide. Since 2014, the company has also been producing kitchens made completely out of steel for the outdoor area.



Oasis-PRO665 – Photo: Napoleon

Napoleon is one of the leading manufacturers of fireplaces and grill models worldwide. With its OASIS series, the Canadian company offers outdoor kitchens all of the modules of which are individually combinable. This allows every garden owner to fulfill the dream of an outdoor oasis quite simply.



The company Volvo is presenting and enhancing the Outdoor Kitchen World at spoga+gafa 2017 in a communicative manner.


For further information see: spogagafa.com

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