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Oamsterdam: Green and Healthy Urban Strategy for the Dutch Capital

The architectural firm HofmanDujardin introduced a masterplan for Amsterdam which includes a park and urban farming facilities.

Michiel Hofman from HofmanDujardin architects loves Amsterdam. For him, it is a fabulous city that deserves to be even more fabulous. Under the project name Oamsterdam he and his team worked out a sustainable and life-enhancing strategy for the city.

The plan is to restore Amsterdam’s historic connection to the water and open up the IJ waterfront. This could be done by creating a circular path through the city and therefore connecting the northern district to the rest of the city.

Amsterdam is struggling with a vast number of visitors to its densely populated, historic city-centre. Tourism is taking its toll on the city. The streets and squares are overcrowded, traffic is dense and the price of housing exceeds national standards. At the same time, the city council has high ambitions for quality public spaces, affordable housing, smart mobility, interactive ressources and the creation of a green and healthy environment for its inhabitants.

By connecting the northern part of the city, decentralizing the city-centre and redeveloping the inner ring now used solely by cars, Oamsterdam lays out a masterplan that tries to encompass all of the difficulties the city is facing and addresses its functional ambitions for the future.

According to the masterplan, Amsterdam could become a greener and healthier city. HofmanDujardin envisions a natural park along the roads and canals, a new food market in a current parking lot, urban farming in a former bank building, various sports facilities along the new ring and a city beach at the IJ waterfront.

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