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Nominated for unique youngstar 2014: Beta Chair by Dustin Jessen

16 projects from 15 young design teams are nominated for the unique youngstar 2014 design award. The topic of this year’s contest is “outdoor living”.

All nominated design prototypes will be exhibited at the international garden trade fair spoga+gafa 2014 in Cologne, Germany from August 31st to September 2nd.

Beta Chair

The Beta Chair is a lightweight, stackable outdoor chair. It’s construction came about when the London-based designer Dustin Jessen explored the possibilities of replicating folded paper forms in sheet metal. In collaboration with experts of the company Robofold Ltd a special technique was developed that allows industrial robots to fold metal sheets into 3D objects.

For the final body of the Beta Chair, a 2 mm thin aluminum sheet is cut and milled by a CNC machine. The milled V-shaped grooves enable curved foldings, resulting in a surprisingly organic and comfortable metal seat shell. The foldings give the seat shell its characteristic shape and stability. Attaching the legs to the seat shell with rivets creates a constructive and formal unit without any welds. As the legs are made from standard 1×1 inch aluminum square tubes, Beta Chair is entirely made from aluminum, with a total weight of just 2.8 kilos.

Materials: aluminum
82,5 x 49,8 x 52 cm

The three jury winners and the winner of the public votes will be announced in the garden unique hall (10.2) on August 31st at 5 p.m. during the unique hour.

Vote here for your favorite design and decide who will be the winner of the audience award!

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