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Newly designed relaxation furniture conquers the outdoor section

Savoy Living by 4 Seasons Outdoor © 4 Seasons Outdoor

Outdoor oasis, open-air lounge or a second living-room – the garden is becoming more and more the place for relaxed well-being. Hammocks, beanbags and other relaxation furniture are ensuring more comfort outdoors. They are in response to the need for relaxation with new comfort and design.

Looping by Stern © Stern

Life is being increasingly relocated to the garden, terrace or balcony. Today, outdoor areas serve as an expansion of the living space. In order to escape the hectic of everyday life, the emphasis is placed on relaxing in the open air. According to a survey last year by the online platform, houzz, German home owners are above all investing in comfortable outdoor furniture. Here inviting sofas, upholstered loungers and lounge chairs are very popular. To increase the comfort current models are often designed to serve multifunctional purposes and can be converted from the sitting to the lying position with little effort. Furthermore, modular living sets comprising of armchairs and a sofa can be individually compiled. Footrests or storage space for books and drinks also increase the comfort level. In order to make sure outdoor upholstered furniture is easy-to-clean and weather resistance, there are upholstery materials that don’t absorb moisture. The more modern upholstery features a water-repellent coating and can even be cleaned using a high-pressure cleaner.

Lamzac by Fatboy © Fatboy

Beanbags, pouffées and loungers made of waterproof textiles also ensure wellness quality outdoors. The advantage of such relaxation furniture is obvious: They are easy to clean, offer diverse sitting and lying possibilities and can be taken anywhere one happens to want to relax. Especially tear-proof fabrics ensure that they also survive coarse surfaces. Transportable lounger cushions, the nylon cases of which can be filled up with air thanks to a clever mechanism, are on trend. Hence comfortable lounge furniture arises out of a rolled together piece of fabric.

Coollà by Emu © Emu

Hollywood swings or rocking chairs, which are today being reinvented and brought into form, are classics in outdoor relaxation. With their slight swing, they are reminiscent of the American spirit of the 50s and 60s. The design of more recent models is however definitely modern. As swinging designer items they even cut a clean figure in the living-room. The flexible handling of today’s Hollywood rocking chairs, the sunshades or backrests of which can be taken off or plugged back in, is a new feature. Waterproof coatings and canopies further increase their weatherproofness. For sociable relaxation there are XXL Hollywood swings, which offer enough room for five people.

Samoa by Lesli Living © Lesli Living

The good, old hammock also embodies a relaxed attitude to life. As a space-saving opportunity for relaxing also in smaller gardens or on balconies, they are becoming increasingly popular. Thin hammocks, hanging stools or baskets are assembled fast and can be easily stored away. There is a wide range of materials and colours today. Modern textiles for the lounger classics are non-fade, fast-drying and mould-resistant. Numerous types of frames ensure stable assembly, even if there is no tree at hand.

Fat Hammock by Amazonas


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