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New Trend: Insect-Hotels Shelter the Bugs in Your Garden

More and more people who own gardens discover that it is not only important to care for their plants and to feed the birds, but that insects are vital to a healthy environment as well. This awareness has created a new trend: So called insect-hotels are becoming popular in German home gardens.

The small wooden boxes which are supposed to be hung somewhere outside attract several species of beneficial insects, like ladybugs, bees and beetles. There are different “rooms” for them, each with a specialized habitat, for example fir cones for ladybugs or sawdust for beetles living in wood. These bugs can hibernate safely in the hotel, they can reproduce and they can nest there. This has lots of advantages for the garden because these small animals pollinate plants and get rid of garden pests like aphids.

There are already several producers of insect-hotels in Germany, and since the demand is growing, new companies specialize in these tiny homes, like Luxusinsektenhotels. They offer different insect-hotels carefully designed looking like a country home or a luxury hotel. They can be ordered ready-made or as construction kit.

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