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New CEO at Weber-Stephen

On April 1st Tom Koos joined grill manufacturer Weber-Stephen as new Chief Executive Officer. He follows Jim Stephen who will be staying in the company as Executive Chairman.

Koos has been head of the Jacuzzi Brands Corporation for the last six years. He had full strategic and operating responsibility and developed consumer marketing programs. Weber-Stephen chose him due to his worldwide business experience, passion for building brands and deep knowledge of the distribution channels.

“I am honored and excited to join the Weber team, a global barbecue pioneer and one of America’s most recognized and trusted brands,” said Tom Koos. “I am committed to continuing the tradition of delivering high quality products and customer service the world is expecting from Weber.”

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  1. john uhr-henry | | Reply

    Good morning. I am an Australian who has come to Perry Georgia to live and would like to ask you if your model Weber “Q”`s (biggest model)are available here and with a modification for natural gas. I had one in Melbourne Australia and would like to get one here very quickly for the summer season coming sooner than later. Please get back to me and let me know (1)of there availability (2) If I can order one through Lowes in their Warner Robins store. Many thanks…John

    PS. I am a retired mech / elect Engineer who can very safely convert my Q to natural gas with the proper gas regulator and orifice size for the burner nozzles.

  2. Jan Wikstrom | | Reply

    I bought a weber 320 to day and i find out that i cuodent conect my old regultor becaus weber is the only company whith there one threeds normaly companys have house conection. Our barbeque evning was a disaster becaus of this if hade been in USA l hade sue you
    This is the most expensive grill i bought and a think i send i send it back tomorrow
    and by a grill with house conection it give a oportunity fore BArbequ with my relativs

  3. Kevin walker | | Reply

    can you please let me know where I can get a griddle plate for a q1200 in the U.K.
    All seem to be in USA (except the odd one which are stupid prices)
    ie : USA $45 — UK £100 + WHY ?

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