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Neudorff: Protecting Plants Without Insecticides

BioKraft®: Biological Power - Photo: Neudorff
BioKraft®: Biological Power – Photo: Neudorff

Three products for the eco-friendly struggle against plant pests.

The German company Neudorff is dedicated towards the development of plant care products with minimal impact on the environment. Right now they distribute almost 1.200 products treating problems with pests, diseases and malnourishment. Here are three of their latest developments.

BioKraft®: Biological Power

Neudorff created a series of cure products for plants especially susceptible to diseases and pests. The „Neudorff BioKraft®“ series consists of six preparations for the most important plants indoors and outdoors: Roses, orchids, fruits and vegetables, herbs, Buxus and Ilex as well as conifers.

The BioKraft® preparations („BioKraft® Vitalkur“) have been developed especially for the individual needs of the plants. According to Neudorff, its regular use leads to well-nourished and strong plants, which are less susceptible to pests and fungi.

Neudorff emphasizes that the BioKraft® preparations are harmless for pets, bees and other useful insects.

Catching the Box Tree Moth without Insecticides - Photo: Neudorff
Catching the Box Tree Moth without Insecticides – Photo: Neudorff

Catching the Box Tree Moth without Insecticides

The box tree moth is not only a problem in Germany. Originally from Asia, this moth has spread to Switzerland and Austria, the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Hungary, Romania and Turkey. In its caterpillar form it can strip bare whole rows of hedges. Especially box trees (Buxus) are threatened.

Neudorffs Neudomon Box Tree Moth Trap (Neudomon BuchsbaumzünslerFalle) is geared towards the males of this species. It is equipped with attracting pheromones – a scent not detectable by humans. The adult moths fly towards it and get stuck on the sticky surface. This means that they cannot impregnate the females and fewer eggs are produced. With fewer moths, the trees are able to regenerate.

The trap is weatherproof and is to be put up near hedges and box trees in the direction of the wind from May on. The pheromones are only attracting the box tree moths, no other insects are bothered by it.

Fruit Fly Trap - Photo: Neudorff
Fruit Fly Trap – Photo: Neudorff

Fruit Fly Trap

Insects like the spotted-wing drosophila (Drosophila suzukii) are a pest for fruit trees in Europe, America and Asia. They propagate by laying their eggs into the ripe fruit. When the larvae hatch, they eat the pulp, which starts to rot, making the fruit inedible for humans. The flies prefer red fruit like strawberries, raspberries, grapes and many others.

Neudorff’s Fruit Fly Trap (ObstfliegenFalle) is constructed to catch the spotted-wing drosophila in particular, but it also works for other kinds of fruit flies. It is equipped with an attractant, luring the flies into the red coloured casing from which they cannot escape. As with the box tree moth trap, no insecticides are needed.

Further information: neudorff.en

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