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More design for less space: multifunctional outdoor furniture

Modular furniture range Palma by KETTLER © KETTLER

More and more people are moving to the cities. And they not only want to furnish their apartment upclass and stylishly, but also their balcony. Multifunctional design offers a variety of applications.

There is a large selection of products for the current summer season that specifically addresses the target group of high-income earners in the city. Here the focus is on design-oriented outdoor furniture that can be variably implemented, constantly rearranged in new constellations and stowed away in a space-saving manner. They are made of weather resistant materials and they have an appearance that is hardly distinguishable from the indoor versions. The sophisticated balcony world is rounded off by compact sunshades, carpets and lamps as well as plant systems and gardening equipment for urban gardening that allow small areas to be optimally utilised.

The days when the outdoor sofa was used exclusively for sitting on are long gone. Not least due to the limited amount of space on balconies and terraces, multifunctional furniture is now increasingly conquering the summer living room. The manufacturers are convincing with plenty of creativity and adaptability. In this way, at the flick of a wrist a lounger becomes a bench or a daybed becomes a sofa with a table. Stools can also be used as a side table, sunshades offer light and heating functions and barbecue models can smoke, roast and bake as well as offering special features such as LED lamps.

True quick-change artists are modular pieces of furniture or furniture systems for outdoors. Well-coordinated elements allow numerous combinations of these products to correspond to changing requirements. Armchairs and sofas are combined for sitting, lying and relaxing. Surfaces and colours are variably applicable and turn a single design into many design options. Changes are possible at any time – thanks to multifunctional design.


Sofa, daybed, lounger or dining corner: balkony set Donna by Stern © Stern

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