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Mirtoon by ZEE: Watering With Style

Water hose for garden delights with a bright and practical design.

The water hose is probably one of the most essential exterior tools. We use it to feed plants, vegetables and flowerbeds; we clean tools, muddy boots, bikes and cars with it. And during the summer it fills up swimming pools, water guns and balloons to bring coolness and fun. Surprisingly not much attention has been paid to its design so far.

The Belgian company ZEE decided to change this. By selecting contemporary colours and going for a unicolour look, they have managed to create Mirtoon, a real designer hose.

There have been hose reels on the market for many years, but they are all mainly designed for practical purposes unlike this pretty product. Mirtoon comes in a 10 meter and 30 meter edition. The smaller version fits perfectly any terrace, patio or balcony. The large hose is ideal for gardens and all other practical uses.

Mirtoon is ready for use. Each reel includes a hose, fittings and nozzle. The hose has been provided with the necessary connectors to use it worldwide.

The Mirtoon has been honoured with the design label “Henry Van De Velde”:  “Mirtoon is a completely aesthetic redesign of the well-known garden hose with reel. It is practical and discrete and thanks to its colour scheme it allows to either blend in or stand out in its surroundings.”

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