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Marina – Seemingly Endless Picnic Table by Extremis

The Marina-line is somewhat atypical for the Belgian design company Extremis: It was developed in collaboration with Fattorini+Rizzini+Partners who put the emphasis on material innovation, whereas Extremis usually puts the togetherness-aspect first. Fattorini+Rizzini+Partners designed a picnic table in its most basic shape and made it out of pultrusion glass fiber profiles. This way, seemingly endless tables can be created. The composite of glass fiber and polyester is a solid, durable and contemporary material that feels just like wood. However, it is considerably less sensitive to temperature changes and humidity. Due to the good quality of the material, the weight of the design is relatively low.

“Aside from innovation, we want to be known for maintaining a high level of functionality and creating togetherness. ‘Tools for Togetherness’ is our baseline. Bringing people together is the leading thread running through our work”, states Wynants. “That is why we often use rounded shapes so people can easily enjoy each other’s company, have a private dinner party and lounge on a lazy day. Of course, the need for elongated rather than rounded furniture exists, seeing as this provides more flexibility with regard to the number of people that can take place.“ A rectangular table leaves more room for variation: with a round tabletop there is always a certain amount of people that have to take place in order to fill up all the empty seats”, Dirk explains.

Theoretically speaking, the picnic table from the new Marina-line is unlimited in length and at the same time it is made in one piece. The piece of furniture is up to 12 m long, so that around 40 people can take place at once. “We could even double the length if we wanted to, but in that case the customer has to come and pick up his table himself”, Wynants jokes. Of course the table is also available in ‘normal’ measurements (as from 2,20 m).

The Marina picnic table received an honourable mention at the German Design Award 2014.

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