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Luxusinsektenhotels: Smart Insect Shelters for 2014

Wild honey bees, butterflies and numerous beneficial bugs are becoming rarer in many parts of the world, especially in urban areas. The results of fewer insects are less pollination of plants and trees and less food for the birds. A healthy garden with a rich diversity of natural life is dependent on a vital insect population. Garden owners can contribute to their bugs’ life by providing shelters for them. The German company Luxusinsektenhotels has specialized in wooden houses – insect-hotels – that can be placed at any place in the garden or hanged on a wall. For the season 2014 they now present new models with some innovative features.

Insect-Cube Gasthof “Zur freundlichen Eule” (The Friendly Owl Inn)

Developed with the artist and electronic musician Dominik Eulenberg, this insect cube brings together modern Wi-Fi technology and the curiosity for the insect life in the garden. The Friendly Owl Inn is equipped with a slot for a smartphone which makes it possible to take pictures of the tiny hotel visitors. Butterflies and other insects are lured into the “hotel-bar”, a protrusion filled with sugar water, and can be photographed via a remote-controlling app on a second smartphone or other device. It is also possible to run a motion sensor app that takes pictures on its own.

Solar Insect-Hotel “Landsonne” (Country Sun)

This insect hotel is equipped with solar panels on its roof. In the daylight the panels charge a connected battery and when it gets dark three LEDs start shining with a warm white light. This is done by a photosensor, which registers the surrounding lighting conditions. The lights are not there to lure in the insects, but just for creating an ambient mood; the warm light isn’t noticed by the animals and the course of nature is not disturbed by it.

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