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LivePanels – sustainable green walls

Green walls outside and indoors have become very popular. They offer a bunch of important benefits e.g. fine dust absorption, insulation of sound, increasing air humidity, prevention of graffiti etc. Above that they can be very decorative for offices, hotel lobbies, restaurants, waiting rooms, sport studios, clubs etc.

There are many different systems around. The Mobilane LivePanel system is modular and independent from water pipes and electricity. It is very flexible and the modules can be assembled together even for very large formats. The substrate is light and made to enable plants to establish and thrive. The plant feeding with water and nutrients is ensured by an integrated irrigation and drainage system. Mobilane supplies the hard ware to interior landscapers and green professionals, who can use a wide selection of plants to give the LivePanel a very individual look according to the wishes of their clients. Mobilane also provides smaller LivePictures and LiveDividers, made and designed as room deviders to give privacy and reduce noise in a green and decorative way.

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