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Limberjack: Husqvarna launches Chainsaw Simulation for Virtual Reality

The chainsaw manufacturer enters the virtual world with Limberjack VR.

Simulation games are a fun way to learn about different outdoor activities. Games like Farming Simulator, where you drive around with tractors and other farming vehicles, or Construction Simulator where you learn all about the technical know-how of construction tools and vehicles, have a very large fanbase. The new Virtual Reality technologies open up even more doors for better and more realistic simulations. Husqvarna, the Swedish outdoor power tool producer, now launched the first simulator for chainsaw works.

With its new Limberjack game, Husqvarna hopes to gather insights on how new technology can play a future role in educating and training users on proper product use as well as generate interest for logging. “VR limbing combines two extremes, one of the oldest professions in the world together with the newest technology available,” says Lars Strandell, multiple medallist from the bi-annual World Logging Championship.” Husqvarna Limberjack is fun and educational and just like limbing in the real world, technique, precision and speed is crucial for productivity and a good result.”

The Husqvarna VR experience brings the player to a mountainside with a lake where the player has to use a Husqvarna 359 chainsaw to remove 24 branches from a 2.7 meter long log. The player needs to pick up the chainsaw and remove the branches as accurately and quickly as possible. Just like a professional logger, the player needs to limb fast, and with precision.

The game is optimized for HTC Vive and can be downloaded for free on Steam.

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